Online at last

NOT being a tech-head, exactly, I’ve been going round the houses a bit in my attempts to post video footage of my recent performances in the Commons on my parliamentary website.

I’ve finally managed it, but only after hours of streaming video from Parliament Live TV, editing in QuickTime Pro, then uploading to YouTube.

The quality’s rubbish. The sound and vision aren’t too hot either…

But the parliamentary authorities don’t exactly make it easy to source this kind of footage, so until I’ve worked out a better way of doing it, this will have to do.


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11 responses to “Online at last

  1. John

    The quality is poor but at least your choice of tie is improving.
    (bet Carolyn chose that one) 🙂

  2. Interesting…

    Your mention of not making it easy to release this kind of thing reminds me of the Early Day Motion the boys at They Work For You have got going regarding electronic availability of bills…

    Are you a signatory? Although I guess you couldn’t have been while still a minister… (I’m honestly curious, as you seem a fairly switched on MP in terms of the internet, rather than trying to make a political point).

  3. I’m not a signatory, but I’ll look at it.

  4. For Tom, and anybody else interested, the link is here, as I’ve now gotten off my bum and found it (which took loadsa work…honest):

  5. Blackacre

    You sound quite a lot like Billy Connolly at times. Sadly I imagine that comedian’s views on Heathrow are more cogent and well thought through.

  6. Will S

    How on earth did you manage to get a video off I find that they do their best to stop anyone from even coming close to downloading one of the debates. Perhaps you could ask them why they delete their footage after only a few weeks or at least remove DRM from some of the files so the public can keep some of the files for themselves. The debates in parliament are hardly copyrighted, so it should be possible.

  7. Ah, the wonders of the Apple Mac…

  8. Rosie


    enjoy the blog, i notice that my MP Bob Wareing is sitting next door but one to you be on the front bench(of the back benches)

    my understanding is that he left the labour party last year after being deselected? if so why is he still sitting with you and yours?


  9. Rosie – not sure about Bob’s status.I think there was a suggestion he might stand as an independent, but he wouldn’t be expelled until he had actually submitted his nomination papers. I don’t think he’s resigned, but I could be wrong. Anyway, it’s only convention that dictates only the government party MPs can sit on that side of the House.

  10. Rosie

    thanks Tom, but he has resigned, he did so the day after Stephen Twigg was selected. He is indeed listed on the HOC website as “independent”

    see here:

    Intresting about the convention, didnt know that

  11. I did not know that. Thanks for the info.

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