Fighting voter apathy

x_factor_logo111IT’S A well-known and familiar aphorism: if you don’t vote, you’ve no right to complain about the result.

And that means my post last week lacked a certain integrity. I didn’t vote when Austin was voted out, and I didn’t vote last week when Laura, utterly unfairly, was forced out.

Tonight I will be voting, probably for Diana, who’s the outstanding unique talent still left in the competition. But I may not – it will depend on her performance.

In fact, it’s confession time: the last time I voted in The X-Factor was during the final in 2005. Voter apathy ends tonight.

The danger is that with Austin and Laura gone, what started off as a much improved line-up of talent compared to last year’s lacklustre collection, will end up being just as ho-hum as the season that was so lacking in talent that it had Rhidian and Same Difference in the final.

UPDATE at 8.17 pm: Cheryl has just said that Rachel was totally off key last week… why didn’t she or anyone else mention it, then?

UPDATE at 10.34 pm: OK, a predictable result; Daniel has been living on borrowed time in this competition for a while now. I would rather have seen Rachel leave, but there we are. One downside is that Daniel was the last contestant that Carolyn liked, so she’s lost interest in the whole thing now.



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4 responses to “Fighting voter apathy

  1. jpt

    The trouble (for me) with voter apathy ending tonight is that the only one I thought was any good (Laura) has now gone out…

  2. Andrew F

    Far, far fewer people would vote in elections if we had to buy our votes. So, not so much voter apathy as… electoral poverty?

    Which reminded me of this story:

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