The mystery of the disappearing widgets

CERTAIN design elements of this site have gone – to use a technical term – a bit wonky. All my widgets in the right hand column appear to have disappeared. They are now at the foot of this page. Frankly, that is unacceptable. WordPress are on it, or at least I hope they are.

What do you mean, you never noticed?

UPDATE at 11.42 pm: Fixed now. Anyone know what “stray HTML” is?



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5 responses to “The mystery of the disappearing widgets

  1. willstobart

    Working fine for me, perhaps it’s just your browser?

  2. John

    Can you be more specific as to what’s missing? As someone who scrolls through your blog homepage almost daily, everything seems just as it’s always been to me?

  3. Rapunzel

    HTML? He’s Trying, My Lord!

  4. Zorro

    Stray HTML probably means you have a close tag (a tag starting with </ too early in the code, or an unwanted new open tag somewhere, which is being misinterpret by the browser as best it can… (The sidebar looks fine to me in FF3.04/WinXP2SP3)

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