Back to more serious business

DOCTOR Who fans among you (and I know there are many) will find this fascinating.

The BBC have just published some never-before seen photos and documents relating to the very earliest days of the series – some of them dating from before the first episode was even filmed. Well worth a perusal.

A rare picture of the first Doctor, played by William Hartnell

A rare picture of the first Doctor, played by William Hartnell



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4 responses to “Back to more serious business

  1. Rapunzel

    I remember it so well! Watched it from the very first and always liked William Hartnell. Was thrilled when it came back so that another generation could watch. Still need a cushion!

  2. AngryVoter

    Should really read Rare *colour* photo….

    Considering the program was in Black and White for god-knows how long…

  3. Frank Davis

    Slightly off topic (but actors are prostitutes, after all), but did you see Patricia Hewitt on Channel 4 news last night advocating the abolition of prostitution? Apparently some trafficked women have to have sex with 30 men a day, and it’s to protect these women, naturally, that Hewitt wants to crack down on prostitution, just like it’s to protect children that everything else has to be banned.

    Anyway, Tom, given that I know that New Labour want to reduce the percentage of smokers from 25% to 22%, and it’s estimated (so Hewitt said) that 10% of UK men use the services of prostitutes what is the government’s prostitution target ? 5%? 2%? 0%?

    And, unlike you, I actually watched Dr Who in 1965 when William Hartnell was the first Doctor. I remember thinking he was a bit weird and improbable with his long hair and his outlandish clothes. He was 2 or 3 years ahead of his time. But then, that’s the whole point of time travel, isn’t it?

    Also, unlike you, I saw Jimmy Hendrix and, later, Led Zeppelin play Bristol’s Colston Hall. Bloody hopeless they both were too. And I sat at the feet of Eric Clapton when Cream played the Anson Room at the University of Bristol sudent union. What an effing racket they made, as they played with their eyes closed tightly shut. I feel free? Gimme a break!

  4. Er…. o-o-kay… (edges towards nearest exit) that’s great, really…. interesting…

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