Separating the man from the boy

WHEN ‘Dave’ is perceived to have done reasonably well against GB at Prime Minister’s Questions, Tory bloggers like Iain Dale tend to come over all faint with excitement. So when Iain is rather more measured, conceding a no-score draw after today’s encounter, you just know that Flashman must surely have crashed and burned.

And he did.

Who would have expected the Conservative Party to become economically tongue-tied at a time when a Labour government is presiding over an economic downturn? Yet that seems to be what’s happening. I almost physically winced when ‘Dave’ dared to start lecturing the PM on the difference between fiscal and monetary policy. He’s going to regret poking that particular large bear with a stick, thought I.

And he did.

“I’ll tell him the diference between fiscal and monetary policy,” growled a fully-roused Brown. Our side loved it. And by the time ‘Dave’ had returned, battered and bloodied, scratched and bruised, to his seat, the cries of “More!” from his own side were distinctly affected and superficial. What they really meant was “Leave him alone, you big bully! Quick, someone get a doctor…”

No-score draw my a***.


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13 responses to “Separating the man from the boy

  1. Paul Williams

    Interesting that you comment on today’s PMQs performance and not last week’s. I wonder why?

    In my view Cameron played it right, he tricked Brown to rattled out a loads of tractor stats and economic theory, which won’t play well on the main news, in terms of soundbites. What people want to hear is understanding and Brown clearly doesn’t have this.

    A PMQs for Labour MPs but not one that will win you an election.

  2. Johnny Norfolk

    I did not see it as I have yet to see Brown answer a question in a proper way. He IS the PM and should act as such. He should answer, but of course he cannot as he has made such a mess of our country so just hides behind bully boy tactics.

    Events will overtake the Labour government as they have done before. You cannot make a wrong right by bluff and spin. Just watch.

  3. Andrew

    That’s b*****ks Harris. I watched it and Cameron wasx spot on – especially when he quoted Brown’s own words right back at him – and as ever Brown didn’t actually answer any questions except those thoughtfully planed by your side.

    This government will go the way of all labour giovernments since Atlee’s – with a run on sterling, massively ramping up the fiscal deficit while spending like some demented half witted loons who’ve just got new plastic.

    Seriously, you shouldn’t be too cocky here – ordinary, politically-centre people know that what Brown is doing – borrowing more when already in debt and at the same time reducing your income – instinctively makes no sense at all.

  4. wrinkled weasel

    I agree. This should be like shooting fish in a barrel, and Cameron misses!

    meanwhile, Captain Kirk, see this from NHS blogdoctor,

    Its genius if you are a sci-fi fan

  5. Wrinkled – Thank you for that link. You’re right – genius. But also very, very sad.

  6. John

    I agree.

    Even though Brown continued his tradition of not answering a single question, his off topic responses were filled with aggression and won the day.

    Nick Clegg did have two very good points (as he always does in fairness to the guy), which the Prime Minister totally failed to answer. However, only having two questions against a Prime Minister with 30 minitues with which to fill with his tide of aggression was never, and will never make any difference.

    My score?

    Brown 9
    Cameron 4
    Clegg 5

    (Since Clegg gets only two questions, regardless of what he says, or how he says it, he’ll never get more than 5 due to his involvement being so perpetually marginal. Anyone who gives him more than that is being far to generous.)

  7. Madasafish

    Who gives a monkets?
    PMQ sis one of arcane rituals with conventions flouted by all and that mean nothing.

    Politicians seem to think we all habng on Westminster’s doing. We don’t

    Or rather the political nerds do. Period.

    I have zero belief in the competence of either main political party to come up with economic policies for the next five years.
    Becasue none of them realsie how bad it is likely to be and what measures will be required to keep the state going.

    Or if they do, they are not telling us.

    Either way it’s a damming inditement.

    And please do not quote the IMF the BOE or other economic forecasts to me. None of the mainstream economists saw this recession coming, they are all behind the curve and theya re playing catch up.

    When Mr Darling syas next Monday what his forecast for economic growth are, I will commment further.

    He of course forecast 2.5% growth this year Or was it 2.3% ? or 2.6% That was in April.. April 2008.

    And the outcome is : nil or more likely -a small amount?

    Since he cannot get teh current year right within a country mile, what chance of next year.

    And if next year is wrong, what chance of follwoing the right policies?

    As for the Conservatives. Well they have no policies. Which given the above, may be sensible .. or not..

    All I can say is: I will not be rushing to spend at any sales this year. prices are going to keep falling..

  8. iain ker

    I have noticed a curious phenomenon.

    About once every three months Nulabour bloggers and sundry camp-followers in the media get very excited about PMQs. The rest of the time it’s as though it doesn’t exist.

    Can anyone shed any light on this?

    My own suspicion is that their own man is a complete and utter, raging, stuttering, answer-avoiding, tractor-statistics spouting, illiterate, cringing, desperate embarrassment the other eleven times in twelve.

    I could be wrong though. Maybe there’s some other reason.

    In any case, you can chuff him up to the heavens for all you like, Tom, but this man is going to lose you the election and lose you your job.

    And he is going to deserve to lose you the election, Tom, because he is not up to the job of running the country, in the same way that he was absolutely not up to the job of Chancellor of the Exchequer.

    I make no apologies for the reality check, because reality is going to hit you between the eyes sooner or later

  9. Not quite sure how not answering questions translates as a win.

    However if Brown is, as the previous comentator points out, “a complete and utter, raging, stuttering, answer-avoiding, tractor-statistics spouting, illiterate, cringing, desperate embarrassment”, what are we to make of the smug toff with no empaphy with the under-classes currently lecturing us all on the broken society, as his party is blameless on the matter. Neither men are fit for the post of PM.

  10. king John

    Allan – I’m going to take issue with one point you make “Neither men are fit for the post of PM.”
    Well, Brown has proven he is not fit for the post – that much is true.
    Dave, for all his faults, surely deserves the chance to prove to us whether he is or isn’t fit for the job. We can’t decide in advance of him getting it!
    As for PMQ’s – well it’s a pointless waste of time, no-one except us “nerds” pays any attention. The election will not be decided by who wins or loses each week. Brown never ever answers any questions (often, even the planted ones).

  11. PMQ is just theatre and we suckers are the audience expected to take it all in. The bottom line is the PM never answers any direct question, which makes it a complete farce, the only mugs here are the people like me that watch it!

  12. I’m guessing this week’s memo from CCHQ said something along the lines of: “When submitting blog comments, remember to hammer home the point that the PM never answers direct questions…”

    No wait… I sense the phrase “I’m not a member of any party…” winging its way towards this thread with unjustified confidence.

  13. Beness

    “I’m guessing this week’s memo from CCHQ said something along the lines of: “When submitting blog comments, remember to hammer home the point that the PM never answers direct questions…”

    So you think others are playing the same game as Labour?

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