Cameron welcomes latest fall in oil price

"Why, Lord? Why?"

"Why, Lord? Why?"



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6 responses to “Cameron welcomes latest fall in oil price

  1. richard

    Is he looking up at the government’s latest borrowing figures?

  2. Search for on the Tory’s website via Yahoo UK and you get three results. One is a ‘page not found’; one their own search page; and the correct news page which is headed:

    The Conservative Party | Error
    Britain’s largest centre-right party sets out its policies and provides information on its campaigns, groups and representatives.

  3. The search term is: Fair Fuel Stabiliser

  4. king John

    It’s ironic he’s standing beside a sign which reads “the turnpike” – meaning “an expressway, esp. one on which a toll is charged”!
    Well thanks to GB we’re certainly on an expressway to bankruptcy and there will definitely be a toll to pay for it!

  5. madasafish

    Gordon Brown has attempted to rape Prudence in the upstairs bedroom. He has succeeded.

    After the event , she has jumped out of the bedroom window and David Cameron has attempted to catch her.

    Unfortunately she has been so shocked by the experience, she has picked herself up and run away.. leaving David Cameron to say:

    ” Has ever such a modest and fair woman been so badly treated?
    And by a son of the manse.
    Why O Lord , why?”

    Like any good spinner, Tom just repeats that bit of the message that best suits his purpose.

  6. Johnny Norfolk

    Keep it up Tom. If you can convince your party they are on the way up it may bring forward a General Election.

    We will then find out just what people think.

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