Scots not paying enough income tax yet, say SNP

SCOTTISH business leaders have sent proud Alex Samond homewards to think again on the so-called local* income tax (LIT).

“The wrong tax at the wrong time,” is how Norman Quirk of the Scottish Chambers of Commerce described this particular tartan tax. It is “a tax on labour at a time when government should be pulling all the levers to ensure that the economy is running at full throttle.”

Having failed to implement so much of their 2007 manifesto, LIT is an important battle for the SNP government; if they manage to implement it, and push Scots’ income tax up to three per cent more than what everyone else in the country is paying, we would lose jobs and inward investment. Then Alex and co. will turn round and blame England. Genius.


* “local” as in “not local – national”



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7 responses to “Scots not paying enough income tax yet, say SNP

  1. Johnny Norfolk

    Comming from the Labour party Tom, I would not raise tax issues if I were you.
    Your party has taken so much from us it is being forced to give some back.
    If you had not taxed us to death and spent less more wisely, we would not have the problems we have now, its as simple as that.
    So please do not lecture anyone about tax you are not qualified to do so.

  2. El Toro

    Surely this is where the Labour Party has lost sight of its roots by opposing progressive taxation?

    Is it not a more socialist position than taxing pensioners based on the size of their house regardless of their income?

  3. They’d still be paying less tax than in most comparable countries and less income tax than in most states of America (where state and city income taxes add much to the federal rates).

    Britain remains a remarkably (and some might say depressingly) low tax environment…

  4. John

    Let me see… 3 per cent more on my income tax or 15+ per cent of my income for council tax. No brainer to me…… I’ll pay the extra income tax if the CT is abolished… quids in.

  5. madasafish

    I think the SNP are correct … Tax the Scots as much as they like.
    They deserve it.

    And when they have done send the money to Westminster to offset the Barnett formula.. About £1500 per head of population if I recall correctly..

    So about 50p in the pound..

    Only trouble is if it is sent to Westminster Gordon Darling will waste it.

    As long as he wastes it on the English. The Scots do not deserve it.


  6. wrinkled weasel

    Just a detail to add – minor really – the London Government are holding the SNP to ransom on this. If they go ahead with LIT the national subsidy of £400 million,provided for council tax will be withheld. That’s a fairly nasty political decision, done solely to embarrass the Nats and as with many Labour decisions recently it is done for the sake of Labour and not democracy or the country as a whole.

  7. iain ker

    Does Salmond actually have a clue as to why he wants a local income tax?

    More pointless tinkering from a political class that knows all about pointless tinkering and absolutely nothing about running a country.

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