Sorry, but I suspect the well is dry

FOLLOWING the unearthing of Liam Byrne’s memo to his new private office, every government department in Whitehall has received Freedom of Information requests for similar such memos from other ministers.

I think I know what’s going on here: Liam takes it upon himself to offer some advice to his new office (and, aside from the coffee and the soup, most of it was pretty sensible), and over-optimistic political hacks come to the (entirely erroneous) conclusion that every new minister produces such advice.

Sorry folks, but they don’t. And after the last few days, there’s precious little chance of them starting to do so.



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7 responses to “Sorry, but I suspect the well is dry

  1. Johnny Norfolk


    Its not what he asked its the way he asked. He sounded like the kind of person that caused the Labour party to be formed. A little dictator full of his own importance with no humility whatsoever.
    His position has gone to his head. He would not last 2 minutes in a private firm today with that attitude
    No wonder we are where we are with people like this.
    I would hate to work for someone like that.

    When in the past I have had to sack people. They have shaken my hand for treating them properly under the circumstances. I bet the people in his department cannot stand him.

    The best leadership that lasts comes from respect not just fear.

  2. Johnny – there speaks someone who doesn’t know Liam Byrne, who is not only popular among his staff and colleagues, but extremely effective as a minister. Probably comes from his long experience in the private sector… Oh, sorry, Johnny, did I disturb your daydream?

  3. Johnny Norfolk

    Thanks for the answer Tom as he is not in the private sector now is he. I rest my case.

  4. Nick the Greek

    ‘Extremely effective as a minister’, blimey that’ll be a first.

  5. Andrew F

    You didn’t approve my comment on the previous Byrne-thread! I’m outraged! (And… slightly pleased.)

  6. iain ker

    The whiteboards should be cleared.

    Clear them yourself then you lazy *&^%$£. It was probably you who messed them up.

    Nice to see it’s not gone to his head.

    …but extremely effective as a minister’.

    He’s only been a minister for five minutes; how can you tell whether he’s been effective or not?

  7. He’s been a minister for three and a half years.

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