And then there were five

x_factor_logo112RACHEL’S out. And about time. Like Daniel last week, she had been living on borrowed time in the competition for weeks. After all tonight’s performances were over, Carolyn correctly predicted that Rachel and JLS would be in the bottom two. Given that this was Rachel’s third time in that position, it wasn’t likely she would survive.

I never liked Rachel, to be honest. As Louis said tonight, she lacks that “likeability” factor and her voice really grated on me. I felt bludgeoned by the time she finished singing anything.

But watching the judges behaving like prima donnas is hardly an edifying spectacle. Danni Minogue literally couldn’t even speak to introduce her act because she was so upset following a dig from Louis, who claimed she had stolen his choice of song for her act. Really, Danni? Gosh, I hope you come through this terrible period in your life, presumably with the help of counselling…

Honestly. Get over yourselves and get on with it, folks.


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4 responses to “And then there were five

  1. I thought Dannii overreacted massively tonight although neither of them covered themselves in glory, to be honest. Never mind, it’s another few days’ newspaper headlines………..

    I bet the odds are shortening on Ruth now – I thought she was brilliant tonight.

    Do you get what people see in Eoghan, though?

  2. Gee. poor Danni. Alexandra surely the one to beat after tonight….

  3. Chris' Wills

    Is this X factor a faux-talent show?

    Now Hughie Green, he had a talent show without any prima donnas (what is the male version of a prima donna? primo johnno perhaps).

  4. Jay

    I highly recommend Ben Elton’s ‘Chart Throb’. Of course, maybe it wasn’t modelled on the X Factor…

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