Grab your anorak, it’s the weekend

I’VE DECIDED to declare this blog a politics-free zone for the weekend, what with The X-Factor tonight and whatnot. 

So let’s all put our differences aside, join in one big collective virtual hug, and enjoy this nonsense, drawn to my attention earlier this week by Wrinkled Weasel. It’s amazing how much free time some people have on their hands, isn’t it?



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2 responses to “Grab your anorak, it’s the weekend

  1. Rapunzel

    As someone who loves singing, music, being entertained, wit and young people who put their talents to good use, I would say this young man is using his spare time extremely well! Imagine how much time and patience this took.
    Have a good weekend with the X-Factor. I’m off to Strictly. May the best win! (or rather, go through to sing/dance again.

  2. Tom

    That’s genius. I mean it. Genius.

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