Tories still have double digit poll lead

TEMPTING though it is to ignore the bad polls and gloat about the good ones, it’s not terribly honest or, in the end, particularly helpful.

So I will attempt to report and comment on all the major polls from now on, starting with the ICM survey in tomorrow’s Sunday Mirror. It puts the Tories on 42, Labour on 31 and the Liberals on 19. Which is quite a blow after the brief joy of a mere three per cent Tory lead, as reported by MORI through the week.


PS: The politics-free zone has ended.


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10 responses to “Tories still have double digit poll lead

  1. Rapunzel

    What happened to the politics free zone for the weekend?
    You’re addicted, young man. You just can’t help yourself!

  2. One minute you’re up – the next your down! Bit like one of those celebrity shows you like so much, Tom?

    Let’s see what the polls say after the froth of Darling’s statement on Monday has settled down. I suspect that your lot will have a bit of a bounce – until the penny drops. This might take a little while – say, ’til March/April – and then it will begin to dawn on the unsuspecting masses that they have been sold a pup. Jobs keep being lost, the Banks don’t open the floodgates of credit and the housing market collapses even further.

    Of course, the “Obama effect” will help sustain the idea that our Great Leader is the real Messiah for a short time but then it’s going to go really pear-shaped. This is when Mandelson and Campbell will come to his rescue as the old New/Blair Labour spin machine goes into overdrive.

  3. Rapunzel

    Sorry! Missed the P.S. Too late to see straight!

  4. Johnny Norfolk

    Most polls favour Labour, so these results are very good news. I dont need a poll to know what people feel and how they are going to vote at the next election.
    I am sure the polls will show how much Labour has gained after tomorrows borrowed give away. The reality is of coure that you cannot stop events or buck the market. Any supposed gains will not last.
    If you think there will be a massive ammount of extra spending by the people, then think again.
    Any of our money given back to us will either be saved, help pay debt or spent on winter fuel bills.


    Labour is well past the point of no return.

  5. John

    I tend to distrust these polls.
    YouGov for example ask you about your political leanings to build up your profile so they are well aware of who is likely to vote for which party.

    By the way, who would have thought – forty five years ago today it started?

  6. Cliché alert – there’s only one poll that matters and that will be in May 2010 (postponed from my original punt of June 2009). We live in hope that it will be held on a Saturday and/or Sunday rather than on market day…

  7. James

    I assume John is referring to the first episode of Dr Who being broadcast on the BBC exactly 45 years ago today.

  8. madasafish

    I wonder how the extra 1.25 million # unemployed will vote in 2010 ?

    Or whenever the GE is.

    # Obviously an approximation. A likely range 1.0 (things get better more quickly or do not get so bad), to 1.5 Million (things get worse with no improvement).

    I am sure they will all vote for the Party which promised no bust ,
    and then promised “hard working families” they are on their side
    and then stated the Opposition “had no plans to make things better ”
    and it was all “America’s fault”.

  9. John

    The thing is, the electorate at large are collectivly stupid, this is why spin even when coupled with absolute non-sequiturs actually works.

    Come election time the majority will believe that America is to blame for the ills of the economy, Gordon’s tax give-a-way’s etc will have them believing he’s the iron chancellor again (despite the fact he NEVER was), and the Tories will lose their “we’re mediocre, but Gordon’s worse” appearance that has given them the lead thus far.

    No, to me these interim polls mean little, and i’m not writing off NuLab just yet, especially with the NuLab spin machine in full swing.

    If anything Cameron should be more scared. I mean, come on, in the current climate the government should be out for the count and they’re not. If Cameron can’t capitalise in the current climate then he never will. He’s a proper political lightweight. Any half decent opposition should have a 20 point lead in the current climate.

    “Clear blue water” my arse. The only thing clear is widespread voter dissatisfaction and apathy with all 3 major parties.

  10. iain ker

    Seems to me that the press can push the polls but only for about a week or two.

    Anyone remember the other Brown bounce when we were all going to vote Nulabour because Brown turned up at a flooded Toll Barr in a rowing boat and rescued a cat from a tree. And at the same time ‘struck a reassuring note’ (according to his lackeys in the lefty press) when we were supposedly a nation in fear following a couple of numpties setting (or trying to) set off gas cylinders in their cars.

    This time I suppose it was the liberati trying to spin The Great Helmsman as the saviour of the global financial system.

    With this man at the top, Nulabour does not have a prayer in a General Election, not a prayer.

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