First offence

WHENEVER I open my laptop away from home, I’m prompted to select any of the available wi-fi networks. They are almost always accessed with a password, so I resort to my Vodafone mobile broadband.

However, today I’m using National Express’s free wi-fi, which I accessed using only my own email address. Awfully good of them, considering I’m actually sitting in a Virgin Pendolino at Glasgow Central. Am I breaking the law? I do hope not.

Last week, on the return journey up from London, I filled out one of those questionnaires and, when asked what could be done to improve Virgin’s service, wrote “Free wi-fi.”

Still, who needs free wi-fi on Virgin when there’s a convenient NXEC train nearby? Are you listening, Richard Branson?



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6 responses to “First offence

  1. Tom – your post has probably put free WiFi on Virgin Trains back by at least a year.

    Can’t see Beardie-Rail being keen to allow passengers to post negative blog comments at Virgin’s expense.

  2. Learn to relax, switch off your toys, look out of the window, watch the world go by, wonder what all those people in all those houses do for a living, recall those Jimmy Saville Inter-City ads, be of good cheer, wonder why people worry about loss of green space when there’s so much of it about, have a doze, wonder where all the other people on the train are going and why, it’s all in the mind, minds need exercise, that’s what train travel is for…

  3. richard

    I trust you’ll be making a special effort to support all those in your constituency who’ve been jailed for doing exactly what you just did…

  4. Blackacre

    I remember filling in a suggestion form years back on a Virgin train just after GNER, NatEx’s predecessor, introduced wi-fi. Can’t understand what reason Virgin could have to avoid it as they are so keen usually to promote themselves as being down with the kidz.

  5. Pendolino Warrior

    Oh if only.

    Actually your lot is to blame. Why should they invest in Wifi if the franchise is up for grabs? Not going to get any return on investment are they?Nope it will appear as a franchise commitment in the next bid rather than be rolled out now. Well done.

    You will note that nowhere on Virgin or its website is there an email/internet accessible feedback address. That’s the true measure of commitment to service.

  6. Andrew Webb

    Also the people of Nuneaton wont be able to get a Virgin Train to London so I would stay pretty quiet about what you say about it.
    Most of us from Nuneaton want to take advantage of wi-fi but its seems Labour wants them to spend millions missing out stations like Nuneaton.

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