An over-reaction from Chief Wiggum?

spider-pigI KNOW that a fair amount of libertarians read this blog for relaxation purposes, so I thought they might be interested in this story of a 22-year-old man from Blairgowrie who has been jailed for singing a song from The Simpsons Movie.

I know it’s not as funny as it used to be, but it’s surely not that bad?

Comment moderation is on, people.



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7 responses to “An over-reaction from Chief Wiggum?

  1. I assume you’re gonna get a million and one comments about this, but you’re link is broken. One too many http’s, I think.

  2. Your ‘far too much http in a link’ gremlin has struck again.

    I hope the foamers note the word “Blair” in the report. It no doubt adds weight to the theory that he’s still controlling our lives from a secret bunker whilst chuckling softly to his cat…

  3. Sorry about that, folks – link fixed now. D’oh!

  4. Perhaps it’s just a reaction to being deprived of contact with his brother:

    Or at least I assume it’s the same family, which sounds a tad…er…dysfunctional.

  5. I bet he’s the sort of person those 10,000 shiny new tasers are for.

    Anyone taking bets for the number of deaths caused by these things?

    All to keep us safe from the mayhem caused by politicising the coppers…

  6. Are police really so sensitive now?

    Perhaps they should start every day by chanting the old ‘Sticks and stones…’ mantra that allows small children to shrug off insults.

    Should we really give such insecure people weapons?

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