That VAT scandal

HOW dare the government consider raising VAT to 18.5 per cent and then not implement it? Outrageous. Must be the first time in history when any government has thought about doing something and then thought: “Nah, let’s not.”

At least under the Tories, when they thought of something, they would have the guts to implement it, whether it was a good idea or not! But not this lot, oh no. Just wait, I’ll bet no-one is forced to resign over “we-thought-about-raising- VAT-to-eighteen-and-a-half-per-cent-but-finally-decided-not-to-GATE”.



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10 responses to “That VAT scandal

  1. I agree that it just the usual government cock up rather than a hidden bombshell. But you should check Benedict Brogan’s blog out. It appears that the government have left in their final figures the tax raised from this measure.

    It will be interesting to see how that is explained away.

  2. Yet another example of Labour’s utter contempt for the electorate, I mean discussing ideas – how dare they? Where will it all end? Slippery slope to a police state. Everyone I know agrees with me. Thin end of the wedge. Blah blah.

    Sorry – I don’t know why I comment on blogs, I’m no good at furious rage or clichéd denunciations…

  3. John

    Does no one in your government or civil service bother to check or proof-read any new Laws or Amendments, etc, BEFORE signing or publishing them.
    Innocent mistake??
    I suppose we should be grateful it was not a death warrant or a declaration of war.

  4. John

    “HOW dare the government consider raising VAT to 18.5 per cent and then not implement it? Outrageous.”

    Are you being serious? Are you seriously telling us that you actually believe that the government, knowing that the PBR would be analysed with an electron microscope, “accidentally” left something in there that was considered and discarded days ago? REALLY? Do government ministers often sign off on things that were considered and then discarded? Come on, don’t insult our intelligence or allow yours to be called into question with nonsense like this.

  5. wrinkled weasel

    Ok, then Tom. I’ll have a bet with you.

    Given that your illustrious party are still in power after the next election, and you still have a seat, (sniggers) I bet that VAT will rise above 17.5% within 12 months of that election.

    The loser has to spend one hour in a public place (Princes’ Street? Sauchiehall Street?) with a placard around his neck, bearing the legend “I am a gullible fool”.

  6. Chris

    I agree with you entirely Tom. I’d be disappointed if the Government had NOT looked at all the possible options for the PBR! Perhaps we should just make up some random ridiculous policy and say the Tories are ‘secretly’ planning to implement it – if they deny having even considered it we accuse them of not being serious in looking at policy, if they admit to having thought about it but rejected it, it must be a ‘secret bombshell’!!!

    The Tory line on this really is totally laughable! I don’t believe the media have given it such legs.

  7. ani

    Honestly – what is it with these Tories.
    Always wanting to be in the public eye pulling stunts; like swaggering about wearing silly masks, or wrapping placards round their necks declaring their stupidity.
    Is it part and parcel of an inbred faux outrage syndrome or something?
    Goodness knows there’ll be plenty of it sloshing about from the opposition benches this afternoon in the HoC.

  8. Johnny Norfolk

    This is the sort of thing that people hate about Labour. They are never honnest about things. They are for themselves not the people.

    Just look at the mess we are in, and they still think they have done no wrong. They must hold us in contempt.

  9. wrinkled weasel

    Dear Ani, I hope you were not referring to my post “wrapping placards round their necks “.

    For a start, it’s a challenge to Tom. Tom won’t accept it because he knows he will lose (admittedly he has more to lose than me). Secondly, I am not a Tory. I am English, living in Scotland, and voting SNP.

    As for “faux outrage”, pulease. I am outraged that this Government has indebted us to the extent it has. I am outraged that it took us to war on a lie. I am outraged that the current leader has no personal mandate to lead and I am outraged that he reneged on a manifesto pledge to hold a referendum on the EU treaty. I am outraged that my money is being spent on fatuous social engineering experiments and I am outraged that they are throwing money down the drain on failed PFI agreements. I am outraged that New Labour places more value on foxes than unborn children.

    There is nothing “faux” about it.

    Come the election, you will realise I am not the only one who is outraged. The lies will be exposed to the light of day. Then we will see how authentic the outrage is.

  10. Well said, Wrinkled.

    “Faux outrage?” This person’s from the same planet as you, Tom.

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