The new Who?


Cool name, mind you

PATTERSON Joseph is being hotly tipped, so I’m told, as David Tennant’s replacement on Doctor Who.

He’s currently putting in an impressive performance on Survivors on BBC1 and has already appeared in the new Doctor Who season, when Christopher Eccleston held the keys to the Tardis.

He’d be a pretty good choice, I think. He’s proved he can do comic acting as well as serious. And the fact that he appeared in Steven Moffat’s Jekyll recently won’t harm his chances, given that Moffat (or Grand Moff, as SFX magazine call him) is now executive producer on the show.



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3 responses to “The new Who?

  1. Buster

    I think in your excitement you misspelled Jekyll – shouldn’t be a c in there.

  2. He put in impressive performances on Numberwang

  3. Ben

    Let’s not forget him as Johnson on Peep Show either, “…like it’s the most natural thing in the world…”

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