Another Marie Antoinette moment from the Tories


Leigh: not at all out of touch, honest

THAT most Tory of Tory MPs, Edward Leigh, is quoted tonight as saying:  “How will it help the poor to give them a few more pence off consumer items they don’t need?”

And according to Paul Waugh of the Evening Standard, this kind of reality-challenged rubbish will be welcomed by his parliamentary colleagues. And the thing is, I’m sure it will be.

Incidentally, Edward Leigh is listed in the Register of Members’ Interests as a Barrister at Law and as parliamentary consultant to Pinnacle Insurance PLC. (£10,001–£15,000).

(Hat-tip to Sadie off of Sadie’s Tavern for alerting me to this.)



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10 responses to “Another Marie Antoinette moment from the Tories

  1. John

    Err…….he’s right Tom? *confused*

    What are people most worried about in the current climate? Food, housing and fuel.

    Now, there is no VAT on food, housing has nothing to do with VAT, and fuel has actually gone up under the PBR.

    So the only thing this 2.5% VAT reduction makes any difference to is non-food items. The same items that are already discounted by up to 40% in some cases with no measurable effect due to people having no disposable income.

    So, “How will it help the poor to give them a few more pence off consumer items they don’t need?” (The same items they currently aren’t buying with the existing 40% reductions)

    He’s spot on.

  2. iain ker

    Edward Leigh is listed in the Register of Members’ Interests as a Barrister at Law and as parliamentary consultant to Pinnacle Insurance PLC. (£10,001–£15,000).

    You could perhaps enlighten us, Tom, as to what this bit of snide is about. Is it only the Nulabour front bench that are allowed to be Barristers? Is it the whopping extra-parliamentary earnings?

    For the record – Tom Harris, Labour MP for Glasgow South is listed in the Register of Members’ Interests as having received payment for article for the Mail on Sunday (possibly about Strictly Come Dancing). (Up to £5,000) (Registered 13 November 2008).

    And also for the record – In 2006/2007 the MP for Glasgow South, Tom Harris claimed £153,862 in expenses making him the 55th most ‘expensive MP out of 645 UK MPs.

    There you go, snide is as snide does.

    Before we know it we’ll have the (pretend) Chancellor mocking his shadow for having been to public school – leastwise, a different public school to the (pretend) Chancellor.

  3. wrinkled weasel

    Sod this, hang your head in shame Tom. Your leader has instigated the arrest of an opposition MP.

    Welcome to Russia. Welcome to the Third Reich. Welcome to Zimbabwe. You were part of it.

    I shall look forward to the day when you are arrested for being a party to war crimes. Then, let’s see how safe you feel. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. You have blood on your hands and now this.

    Aren’t you the tiniest bit ashamed tonight, Tom?

  4. Bob Jones

    No comment on the Zanu-Labour anti-terror bust on democracy earlier? A politician arrested for revealing to the public important info we should know, we’re now no better than Russia.

    I also doubt those who leaked the pre-budget report, or those who leak anything and everything to BrownBroadcastingCorp’s Robert Peston, will be arrested … but then they are on the Government’s side so legality doesn’t matter there does it?

  5. Will Stobart

    Bah, you’re just slagging off, not engaging in discussion.

    Although I liked your piece about Clegg:
    “Verdict on Clegg: he did that creepy thing with his hand again (how long before he starts getting called “The Claw”?) and started banging on about “fairness”. And possibly kittens as well, but I had stopped listening by then. He really is massively ineffective in the House, even when he’s saying something sensible (not all that often, to be fair).”

    You’re entirely correct in your view on Clegg. However not sure what all these silly party line attacks on the Tories are about. Still fishing for a top job?

  6. And your point is….? Another heartless Tory who doesn’t agree with the Great Leader?

    Or is he someone that has pointed out an obvious fact that shows that an aspect of the PBR proposed by Brown/Darling is very unlikely to provide the fiscal stimulus that they hope for?

    It’s weak, young Tom. Very weak and, frankly, I’m surprised that you fall in so easily behind the Mandelson/Campbell spin machine.

  7. Johnny Norfolk

    The problem is Tom what he said was true. Hatred of the Tories clouds Labours vision all the time. You never talk about anything without the old class hatred comming in.
    Everyone I speak to thinks the latest measures are a complete waste of time. So Mr Leigh is correct in his observations, and thats whats difficult for you.

  8. Letters From A Tory

    Speaking of “reality-challenged rubbish”, how about the arrest and subsequent interrogation of Damian Green by counter-terrorism officers for informing the public about what a complete failure the Labour government is?

    Now THAT is what I call reality-challenged rubbish.

  9. James

    Labour state that reducing VAT will save the average family £275 which calculates upto £1925 each family pays in total VAT at 17.5%

    I don’t know if we qualify as an average family but we have ‘battened down the hatches’ until times get better. I’m afraid we won’t be buying ‘big ticket’ items for a very long while, unless a household appliance goes beyond economic repair.
    Of course, we are still paying VAT on fuel, utilities and insurance but we have managed to reduce our use of those.
    In total, members of our family have ‘lost’ about £6,000 in income through employers reducing our working hours and bonuses, but, for the moment., we at least still have employment. Luckily none of us went on mad spending binges with credit cards.
    With so many retailers offering discount of 20 to 40 % , the VAT savings on these new prices way exceeds your 2.5% and it still does not encourage me to buy as what the future holds is uncertain.

    Edward Leigh is right, a few more pence off will not help.

  10. Another one joining the chorus of “Edward Leigh is right”. This VAT cut will not help the poorest, as John and James have explained.

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