‘Breaking the cycle’

I FIND the new Barnardo’s TV advert difficult to watch, but it is extremely powerful and appropriate, given recent events. If you do watch it, please consider supporting their campaign financially.


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8 responses to “‘Breaking the cycle’

  1. willstobart

    Apologies for being a cynic, but do Barnado’s disclose anywhere what proportion of their donations are spent on administrators or making adverts such as the above? I wish there were more transparency in the charities sector, since you can never tell whether your money really will make a difference.

  2. Donkey Kong

    Trust you to ask people to donate to a “charity” that takes money from New Labour. You disgust me.


  3. Mike

    It might be worth pointing out how the free market society New Labour has continued to support has helped bring about this dysfunctional society.

  4. Donkey and Mike – you both have “issues”. Seek help.

  5. Barry Primrose McLeish

    Assuming that Donkey and Mike aren’t just trying to be provocative, and that they are simply ignorant, deluded eejits, let me explain that many, many charities don’t just preach good works but practice them as well. Many are so good at their job that public bodies enter into contracts with them to provide services. I can say from experience that those public bodies tend to strike very hard bargains.

  6. Sorry Tom but they won’t be getting a penny off of me.

    First up Martin Narey the head of that organisation say in the Grauniad’s Comment is Free, where he says that they are not feral in an article entitled “Children are not feral beasts”


    Then he says today in The Torygraph today, this gem:

    “It saddens me that the probability is that, had Baby P survived, given his own deprivation, he might have been unruly by the time he had reached the age of 13 or 14.
    “At which point he’d have become feral, a parasite, a yob, helping to infest our streets”

    So is saying they are feral or not. I fear he is suffering Polly Toynbee syndrome and contradicting himself in a very obvious manner.

  7. Chris Jones

    willstobart –

    Actually, Barnardos are one of the few children’s charities that does publish how much goes on running the organisation and how much goes direct to the projects: Their governance rules dictate that 88% minimum of everything spent goes on childrens projects.

    In comparison, the NSPCC, which is more of a lobbying firm than a chidrens charity spent a horrifying amount on the “full stop” campaign, spends nothing like the Barnardos 88% on projects and was very much part of the problem in the Victoria Climbie case… because the case workers were out doing fund raising and lobbying instead of child protection.

    So yes, there is a problem with some charities and what they spend on lobbying and adverts. But Barnardos is not one of them and I’d urge you to do as Tom suggests and support this organisation.

  8. O

    What a powerful ad. Shameful that a subject like this attracts such pugnacious comments. Or are they merely trolls revelling in the irony?

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