Looking forward to the semi-final


Definitely not Diana

SO DIANA survives to the semi-final, and I was relieved because I feared a backlash against the 17-year-old was building. Also, Carolyn spoiled my enjoyment of her singing by pointing out that she sounds like Fozzie Bear and now I can’t listen to her without seeing the Muppet stand-up in my head.

Still, good result. Ruth’s time had come and the new favourite must surely be Alexandra, who really is amazing. And don’t you think there’s some similarity in appeal between Eegan (pronounced “Eegan”) and Gareth Gates? And remember what happened to him when the final of Pop Idol came around.



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4 responses to “Looking forward to the semi-final

  1. ani

    Damn! Missed it. Ruth’s gone?

    Well, the public is obviously bananas for not keeping her in then, because she’s completely beautiful, passionate, feisty and with a sensational voice. No wonder Cowell fancied her.
    And your wife is right about Diana.

  2. Jo

    I’m gutted Ruth went out. She’s a brilliant singer and deserved to be in the final.

    The only similarity between Eoghan and Gareth Gates is that they are young and popular. Gareth managed to sing whole songs in tune, which is something Eoghan is yet to do!

  3. I can’t believe Ruth went out after her fantastic performances last night, beaten by a girl who basically did the same thing with two different songs, and a cute wee boy.

    I really don’t get why Diana and Eggnog are so popular. Surely their time has come.

  4. NinaB

    Was fully expecting Eoghan (Owen) to go last night..I agree Caron, just dont get it the
    Diana/ Eoghan thing one bit.The only thing he has in common with the then 17 yr old Gareth Gates is his age.I love JLS and Alexandra so hope one of those two acts win!!!
    Really on reflection Gareth fitted the part of a teen pop idol with all the hysteria that surrounded him then.He went on to have more success in the 1st yr after pop idol than Will Young did.
    Its a well known fact that young teen pop idols never seem to progress to the successful adult artist without having to disappear and reinvent themselves.re Donny Osmond /Michael Jackson.
    I seem to remember Gareth was very much into classical music, trained etc.Just read the other day he is to take over the lead role in “Joseph and His Technicolour Dreamcoat”
    i wish him well.

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