Green agenda: Tory emissions increase

I’M A BIT suspicious of the spin the Tories have managed to attach to the so-called “leaked” email sent by mistake to Philip Hammond MP’s office by Harriet Harman.

According to Iain Dale, Harriet says in the memo: “the meeting will discuss considerations in advance of the Speakers (sic) statement on Police action and Parliament.”

The duplicitous bastards! How dare they discuss considerations in advance of the Speakers (sic) statement? They might as well be ordering the tanks into New Palace Yard…
And from this, Iain concludes: “What is improper is for Harriet Harman to call a meeting seeking to influence the content of that Statement by the Speaker…”

Why hasn’t the part of the memo declaring the government’s intent to “influence” the Speaker’s statement been revealed? I agree that such an attempt would be wrong, although I would expect the Speaker’s office to seek advice from the Leader of the House in any event.

In fact, all this hysteria looks completely unjustified when you consider this agenda attached to the memo, which, to Iain’s credit, he has published himself:


I wonder which parts of this the Tories disagree with?

This is all part of a very dangerous Tory strategy to persuade the public that Damien Green was arrested because he was the recipient of government leaks – in other words, for political reasons. Iain repeats this tonight. Do-Nothing did the same yesterday.

It’s a clever strategy, though lacking in all principle. It is utterly cynical and dishonest, and therefore entirely expected of the Tory Party.

Incidentally, Hammond has form when it comes to deliberately misinterpreting and misrepresenting what Labour MPs say for his political advantage.


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17 responses to “Green agenda: Tory emissions increase

  1. richard

    Typical labour spin waffle. Clearly the intention of the meeting is for seniors in the Labour Party to discuss the content of Martin’s statement with him to ensure that he stays ‘on message’ like any other party activist.

    The fact that he’s not discussing “considerations” with any other party should be cause enough for concern as it highlights that he’s either completely partisan (at worst) or grossly incompetent (at best).

  2. robtro

    I wonder who leaked the email? It was obviously someone who thought that Harman had stabbed J.Smith in the front and decided to get revenge by sending it to Iain Dale.

  3. Unity at Liberal Conspiracy nails it so far:

    As to the email: foot meet bullet, bullet meet foot!

  4. Tom, I don’t believe you believe half of that. If you really can’t see why this meeting is wrong I despair. it is clear to anyone what the agenda is, and it stinks. I really fear for what might happen on Wednesday.

  5. Johnny Norfolk


    Have you heard of King Canute ( probably not)

    He tried to stop the tide comming in by having it whipped.

    Its a bit like your posts.
    You sound like you are in opposition already.

    No comments about yourselves just looking for stupid Punch and Judy politics like David told us you were about.

    It looks real desperate to me. Your government is comming apart at the seams.

    I see Cameron was right to raise concerns about Baby P. I hope the Labour MPs that tried to shout him down are ashamed of themselves. Thanks to David Cameron caring about this he has forced you to have a proper report about this complete failure of the council. Ofsted and the Labour government.

    I think a bit of humility is needed from Labour about all sorts of things. Start manageing things and stop playing politics.

    Non of the leaks from the Home Office are covered by the OSA by the way.

  6. Unlike the Tories, i’m not rushing to conclusions on this based on a single line of text. Although that’s because i’m not looking to make political capital out of this.

    What I will say is that for me, this raises an important question:

    Why is the government looking to have an ex parte discussion on “considerations in advance of the speakers statement on police action and parliament”?

  7. wrinkled weasel

    “cynical and dishonest”

    Oh, I didn’t understand the meaning of that phrase at first, but then I remembered the Crewe and Nantwich by election and the sham class war tactic of calling the Tories “Toffs”, repeated (they never learned their lesson) in Glasgow East. Your mate down the road went on the same tack at PMQs last week, while Brown (successor to Anthony Lynton Blair, – Fettes) was seated between Darling (Lorretto) and Harman (St Paul’s).

    Have I got the right definition there, of “cynical and dishonest” or has the Newspeak dictionary been updated again?

  8. Andrew F

    I think you need to link to Iain Dale more often. I mean, he needs more readers, and it’s not like he spins the news in malicious, idiotic way every single day. You should probably try and help him out.

  9. David Boothroyd

    I do think it’s interesting that Iain Dale and so many others seem to think that “the public interest” is defined by what a 26-year-old Tory thinks helps the Tory Party.

  10. Rapunzel

    All the jumping up and down with outrage seems to be doing the Tories a whole heap of good. The comments are great!

  11. madasafish

    Of course Tom is right.

    If anyone suggests otherwise, it is as if the Government would stand by and let the police arrest their political opponents on a trumped up charge.

    And we know how open honest and moral the Government are in these matters as they neither leak nor spin and their financial affairs are all above board.

    To suggest otherwise is morally wrong and those who suggest such things should be jailed for treason..and for talking down the pound.

  12. Brian

    This is dubious Tom, I’m sure that Labour knew this would always happen as a result of breaking the tradition regarding speakers alternating Labour-Tory and the erosion of civil rights (unless your a criminal).

    Watch out Tom! They’ll be coming to take you away next! Run! Run! Be Free!

  13. Perverting the course of public justice is an indictable offence at common law. The offence consists of an act, a series of acts, or conduct which has the tendency and is intended to pervert the course of justice (Halsbury’s Laws of England 4thEd. Reissue, Vol. 11(1), para. 315).

  14. Tacitus

    Boothroyd. You mean that it is NOT in the public interest that we should know that the Home Office is covering up information the public have a right to know – because it might impact their utter incompetence?

    John Reid was and is right – not fit for purpose, and Jackboot Jacqui is utterly out of her depth. Her face a picture during the Marr interview. Brown will throw her to the wolves when he is ready (= when PM Mandy tells him to)

  15. Donkey Kong

    Alistair Campbell, is that you? What have you done with Tom?

  16. so what’s “opertion” then?

  17. Donkey Kong – “Alistair Campbell, is that you? What have you done with Tom?”

    Thanks for the compliment.

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