Greatest Christmas hits of the last 2000 years: No. 23

angel-looking-rightA Spaceman Came Travelling – Chris de Burghangel-looking-left1

Now, I know what you’re going to say: “Chris de Burgh? WTF?” And I agree with you – I hate myself for including this in my Christmas countdown, but I can’t help liking it. Hideous at any other time of year, this nonsensical tune (scientifically as well as religiously: “Light years of time“?! Come on, Chris!) has a great Christmas feel to it.

Mind you, I’ve found it very difficult to take him seriously ever since I saw Bill Bailey performed his “Beautiful Ladies in Danger” tribute to de Burgh:

Beautiful ladies in danger
Danger all round the world
I will protect them
For I am Chris de Burgh…
Beautiful ladies are lovely
But sometimes the don’t take care
They’re too busy with their make-up
Or combing their lovely hair
To take basic safety precautions…




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2 responses to “Greatest Christmas hits of the last 2000 years: No. 23

  1. wrinkled weasel

    Come back Cliff. All is forgiven.

  2. wrinkled weasel

    You know, I liked the idea of your greatest Christmas hits. It sort of made you human. Indeed I would liken it to sex – you started off well and then went all sentimental and blew it.

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