And in other news…

WHAT a pity that the government’s programme for the next year, announced today, is receiving rather less coverage than might otherwise have been the case.

The Banking Bill, the Business Rates Supplement Bill, a new Citizenship and Immigration Bill, the Welfare Reform Bill and the Child Poverty Bill are – among many others – substantive pieces of (embryonic) legislation and serve to remind the nation that this is a government that is hardly “running out of steam”.

And I would have thought that, regardless of party affiliation, most people will welcome GB’s plan to help homeowners avoid repossession in the event of unemployment.


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9 responses to “And in other news…

  1. jaymason

    Ref the Govt’s avoid repossesion plan, as a homeowner I do not welcome this, my taxes are about to bail out yet more feckless people who cannot live within their means. I am an ordinary working guy (One of McBroons hard working familys, both myself and my wife work) we had a mortgage but we bought a home we could afford on a mortgage we could afford. No 125% LTV self certs for us, we could have had a bigger, lovelier house but we bought one suitable for ourselves and our children. We then worked like stink for 10 years no holidays and few treats and paid it off.

    So please explain why after working my socks off to make sure my family has a secure environment to grow up in (after a very dodgy childhood upbringing myself) my taxes should bail out people who cannot control their own spending.

    Labour caused the house price bubble by leaving house prices out of the inflation figures and look where it has got us.

  2. Johnny Norfolk

    The problem you have is like the boy calling wolf.

    You anounce all these bills but in reality they are never what they at first seem.

    I have lost count of finding out later about the small print so you can hardly be suprised that people research it all first.

    I do not trust anything Labour tells us.

  3. They missed a bill. There should be an emergancy bill for turning Parliament into a proverbial embassy, managed and policed by independant Parliamentary Authorities and not the police.

    Police having power over MP’s for what they do in the course of their duties as MP’s is not even close to being acceptable for a free and democratic society.

  4. wrinkled weasel

    jaymason mentions “feckless people who cannot live withing their means”. Whereas the “Daily Mail reader” bit of me tends to concur, the woofty Guardian bit of me thinks, people who lose their jobs, don’t really need another life event before Christmas.

    Given that ol’ “End to Boom and Bust” Gordo is at least partially responsible for this, perhaps a bit of leeway is the best way. Only a hardened old cynic would suspect that this move has also something to do with desperately hanging on to the votes of middle England.

    BTW, women never forget and always get revenge. Harriet, you know who I am talking about.

  5. It is a shame Tom. The thing that has annoyed me with all this, is that MPs got extremely excited about the idea that one of their own could be arrested. However, when it comes to discussing the importance of bills that will keep people in their home and ensure they have as good life as possible, the chamber is probably less than half empty.

  6. Paul Williams

    GB’s plan to help homeowners avoid repossession

    This is clearly a piece of Government (Mandelson?) spin to get the Green saga off the front pages, which worked. The plan was starting to unravel hours after being announced.

    Not only was the plan announced with no detail, but the banks apparently weren’t informed and haven’t signed upto anything yet.

    Also, rather than helping out 70% of homeowners, as Brown misleading says, it will only help just over half. It only applies to 8 banks, so just under half of homeowners, like me, who have mortgages with Building Societies etc will not be included.

    Like so many of Brown’s ‘eyecatching’ statements it’s more to do with headlines than anything meaningful – what a way to run a Government!

  7. John

    In the news today………………..3rd Runway at Heathrow decision delayed…….. DNA Database in tatters…….90 Offices and 3,500 jobs to go at HM Customs….House prices fall fastest in 25years…….£ drops again……

    Just another ordinary newsday in Labourland

  8. richard

    The whole concept of this “mortgage interest guarantee” underwritten by taxpayers seems to be predicated on avoiding the appearance of hitting the 100K repossession per annum figure in advance of the coming election.

    It doesn’t deal with the underlying cause of the problem, which is that we’re taxed to death by a Labour government that is spending vastly beyond its means.

  9. Chris' Wills

    Ho hum, first the incompetent bankers are bailed out with taxpayers money now those who have borrowed beyond their means.

    I do realise that it may well be less expensive than having them turfed out on the streets (those mortgage debtors who cannot repay their freely entered into loans, the bankers should have been gaoled) but it does seem to say to those who manage their lives more economically (buy what they can afford) that they’re idiots.

    Some will say that the lenders tempted them, then again they are over 18 and considered sane so are legally responsible for their actions.

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