Greatest Christmas hits of the last 2000 years: No. 22

Walking In The Air – Aled Jones

HERE’S a good pub question: Who sang “Walking In The Air” in The Snowman? That’s right, Peter Auty. Who? Exactly. Young Aled rose to fame by covering a song that had been made famous by someone else.

picture-21I love this song because I love the film. It’s one of those things I wish had been around when I was very young. I bought it on DVD last Christmas for Ronnie and Reggie to watch on Christmas Eve, but they were bored to tears!

Much better than the stage show, mind you, even when there’s a fight on stage between the Snowman and his understudy… Long story and one I’ll keep for later.



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3 responses to “Greatest Christmas hits of the last 2000 years: No. 22

  1. Rapunzel

    I think the film of The Snowman, along with most of Wallace and Gromit, the Wind in the Willows, Tom and Jerry and the Just William stories are virtually wasted on the young, but greatly appreciated on those of us who belong to an older generation.

    Although I never saw the stage show with the fight. I can picture it though.

    Never work with ………………..

  2. Wrinkled Weasel

    I agree. I think “The Snowman” is a beautiful film and it brings a little tear to my eyes. The song is good too. If Ronnie and Reggie are as ruthless and unsentimental as their namesakes, why not try them on “Fungus the Bogeyman” also, by Raymond Briggs? Or just wait ten years and they’ll be reaching for the kleenex and bewailing their lost innocence.

  3. Stu

    My little girl made a snowman yesterday and watched the film. She said ‘that was beautiful, but where did the snowman go?’ There’s one almost-three-year-old who’s going to learn about thaw-induced loss of snowman-life pretty soon…

    Incidentally, did Aled Jones cover this song, or did he record the single version while the version from the film was never released? Or did he just mime to it on Top of the Pops? These are questions that need answering. It’s our very own version of the ‘singing girl at the Beijing Opening Ceremony’ dilemma.

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