Greatest Christmas hits of the last 2000 years: No. 21

Little Town – Cliff Richard

DON’T worry – this is Cliff’s only appearance in my special festive advent countdown. So no “Mistletoe and Wine” or “Saviour’s Day”, both of which make me want to pull my eyes from my sockets and pour molten lead in my ears just to make the noise go away. Which isn’t very Christmassy.

But this is great – apart from the castrato singing the part that was clearly meant for a choirboy. But then, that’s why it’s number 21 and not higher.


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9 responses to “Greatest Christmas hits of the last 2000 years: No. 21

  1. Matt

    You’re so wrong – Mistletoe and Wine is a great Christmas song.

  2. Labourboy

    Someone beat me to it – how can you not like Mistletoe and Wine? You monster.

  3. Chris' Wills

    I admit to liking some of Cliff Richards songs, but none have struck me as being very Christmasy.

  4. Wrinkled Weasel

    Dear Tom,

    My comment (that you disallowed) was neither a libel against Cliff, nor was it offensive to the group concerned. It was supposed to be funny. Obviously it was your own hang ups about it that clinched your decision.

    I am disappointed you have closed comments on your latest post. One of the great strengths of your blog, a real demonstration of your own integrity and all round decent chapiness, is the way you allow us to vent spleen. Sometimes we even add meaningfully to the debate.

    Your actions in closing comments show an uncharacteristic insecurity. Perhaps Ground Control has finally made contact in with the mother ship and you realise that nobody believes the spin anymore. It is a sad fact that New Labour is the face of spin and censorship. You have just joined the crowd.

    I agree that there are some things that make what you do very worthwhile. I have no doubt that you are a good constituency MP and that, by the accounts of those who worked for you, a good minister.

    You have however, chosen to write a blog. It’s a refreshing blog and it gives non-Labour voters an insight into the mind of a New Labour politician, albeit a frightening one.

    But now, you have taken a step backwards. I don’t feel like contributing to a propaganda site, which is why I stopped reading “WebCameron” within days of it’s inception. Nor do I visit fake blogs written by backroom boys and girls. In fact, this is the only Labour blog I visit at all, let alone post on.

    I think you have made a mistake. How about putting that right?

  5. Fair point, Wrinkled. I decided not to allow comments on that post because I was worried that staff – and perhaps even pupils – at the school might read this blog and be discouraged by the political invective that could have been used. And though I’m sure any criticism expressed would have been aimed at me rather than the school, some readers might not have made that distinction.

    If that is over-protective, then it is over-protective on behalf of the school and its staff and pupils, not myself.

    As for Cliff – I’m sure your comment was intended as humorous, but I assure you it would not have been seen as such by everyone – especially Sir Cliff!

  6. Rapunzel

    “It’s a refreshing blog and it gives non-Labour voters an insight into the mind of a New Labour politician, albeit a frightening one.”

    Is this a frightening insight, a frightening mind, or a frightening New Labour politician?

    We need to know!

  7. Wrinkled Weasel

    Dear Tom,

    I accept your reply and your reasons. They are those of a gentleman. It shows that you are a decent bloke, which does not surprise me. It’s just that you have put your head above the parapet, and, because you have, you are now responsible for the entire Labour Party and everything it ever did. You know that, don’t you?

    I would have no wish to denigrate the achievements of this school. We need good schools and we need hope. Any school that gives hope to every child is to be commended.

    Never mind Cliff. Let’s not fall out over Cliff.

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