Heathrow delay

I’M DISAPPOINTED by the announcement that we’ll have to wait until next year to get a decision on a third runway at Heathrow.

But I concede that 70,000 submissions to the consultation will have to be considered and that might take a little while. And given that a judicial review – whatever the decision – is inevitable, consideration must be seen to be thorough.

Meanwhile Theresa Villiers is sounding more and more like a Liberal Democrat in her increasingly shrill opposition on environmental grounds. Many Tories on the sensible wing of the party are incredulous, not just at Villiers’ stance, but at the speed at which Do-Nothing capitulated to her view.


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16 responses to “Heathrow delay

  1. Will Stobart

    Do-Nothing doesn’t stick and is a very annoying attempt to stick something to the opposition. Perhaps you should be standing up for the actions of your own party rather than criticising opposition policy.

    The country was left strong by the Conservatives. The country is falling apart under Labour. Who cares what the short-term policies of either parties are? The record is there for all to see. Deal with your record now, deal with the opposition record. Stop criticising policy, because it always differs from the actions that are taken in the end.

  2. Complete agreement from me. Well, almost complete. Continually branding Cameron “do nothing” is irritating and invalid. I’d rather you just branded him some kind of expletive. It would actually be less irritating, although a little more uncouth for sure 😉

  3. Madasafish

    “Many Tories on the sensible wing of the party are incredulous, not just at Villiers’ stance, but at the speed at which Do-Nothing capitulated to her view. ”

    So it’s all The Tories fault for the delay?

    The Tories are acting as Government?

    You accused me some threads ago of rabid dislike of Labour.

    I have a rabid dislike of spinning…

  4. Blackacre

    Go Theresa!!!

  5. Chris' Wills

    I thought a new runway would be liked, it should bring more jobs which isn’t normally considered a bad thing.

    Though I do like the fact that Glasgow airport is small and will stay that way with no room to grow , having large hub airports is good for the country.

    Any plans to expand Gatwick, Stanstead and Luton?
    With rail links between the airports and central London it could help alleviate the congestion at Heathrow.
    Also be nice to see a rail link to Heathrow that avoids having to route through London.

  6. Chris' Wills

    Off Topic

    Fun quiz, well I found it so, and they donate free rice, via the UN Food Programme, for each correct answer.


  7. Andy

    A good attempt to take us off the topics that matter, but we all know what matters right now; Harriet ripped apart by Paxman last night over the Green affair .. The EU actually doing something useful today by saying f*** you to ripper smith. The one-eyed gorgon is doing his best to bribe your client state with mortgage protection and savings incentives (as long as you’ve wasted your money to date of course) but it won’t work with middle England who you need of course to be re-elected.

    Tom your party is going down the tubes, jeez, even Benn thinks you’re a bunch of tossers; only a few years ago, you’d have been worshipping him.

    You don’t get how much people HATE you, butyou will ..

    Bring on the election, c’mon you coward ..

  8. Andy, it’s at times like this that I really regret that we won’t be spending Christmas day together.

  9. Jim Baxter

    Yes, I agree. Tom, please stop referring to Cameron as ‘Do Nothing Dave’. You are interfering with people’s freedom not to be irritated when they come here to voice their opinions. We don’t want to hear your opinions unless they bear on our questions. And please stop criticising opposition policy. Who do you think you are? Whose blog is this anyway?

  10. Andy

    Hey Tom,
    I’ll raise a glass to you on the 25th, I’ve always had a thought for you poor dis-advantaged. You may even benefit from my charity donations one day.

  11. “Andy, it’s at times like this that I really regret that we won’t be spending Christmas day together.”

    Hahahaha! Oh I chuckled. Thank you Mr Harris. It’s been that sort of day, and you’ve really cheered me up!

  12. Wrinkled Weasel

    I agree with Jim Baxter. “Do-nothing” isn’t great. I always refer to DC as “Dangerous Dave” because of course, he isn’t. In fact, if you were the sort of person who asked Santa for a Christmas present, it would be to ask for Dangerous to be leader of the opposition during these trying times.

    Crikey, there must be a Santa!

  13. Johnny Norfolk

    Tom I am confused. Is it the Tories that have told Labour to delay the decision, and they have agreed. If this is the case then I can understand your remarks about David. If on the other hand it is Labour on its own that have made this decision. Then what are you going on about.

  14. Richard T

    Do you think he might just have counted how many marginal seats there are for Labour in the Heathrow noise footprint?

  15. Blackacre

    There are an increasing number of names appearing unofficially of cabinet ministers who oppose the expansion. And although none of them are central to Broon, some are quite important (Hattie, various Milibands). This cannot be a coincidence – I reckon Labour are backtracking too. Or is that just wishful thinking on my part?

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