Christmas spiritually-challenged

SOME Christmas traditions I can do without: brussels sprouts, Noel Edmonds, mince pies, Noel Edmonds…

colin and justinCarolyn’s particular dislike is the inevitable return to our screens of Colin and Justin, an ostentatiously gay Scottish couple who, a couple of years ago, looked certain to take their brand of camp interior decor taste to a UK, rather than a purely Scottish, audience.

It never happened, but they’re still around, much to Carolyn’s annoyance. Not bcause they’re gay, I hasten to add – just because they’re annoying.

About a year ago, I found myself of a Monday morning sitting behind the pair on a regional flight from Glasgow to Birmingham. Carolyn always gets nervous on my behalf whenever I fly anywhere, but I cheered her up with a text message just before we took off: “Colin and Justin are on this flight, so if it goes down it’s not all bad news.”

A little harsh, I admit.



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16 responses to “Christmas spiritually-challenged

  1. ani

    Aarrgggh! No!No!No!
    Colin and Justin are so brilliant, so talented, so funny and – so clean with it.
    Every show is hilarious, and I completely love them, and wouldn’t miss a programme.
    If my own taste wasn’t so impeccable (Ha-Ha) I’d love to have them do a makeover of my place, it’d be a laugh a minute, and really Tom – I don’t know what ratings they get, but they must add gaiety to the nation, which is more than can be said for politicians.!
    Save the Scottish Two!

  2. Jay

    You’re wrong, Tom – Colin and Justin found their way in to English living rooms several years ago. No wonder the English hate us.

  3. Chris' Wills

    What in particular do you dislike.

    I did see them on TV once a few years ago, seemed more fun than most “reality” TV.

    Wouldn’t go out of my way to watch them; though that’s true of most TV programmes.

  4. Johnny Norfolk

    What kind of sprouts are you eating ?.

    Are they frozen ? if they are they are horrible.

    You need to source fresh sprouts, top and tail them put the in the steamer for no more than 15 mins. and wow if you dont like them then I am a Scotsman.
    Fresh sprouts properly cooked are just fantastic but they are for a grown up palett so they may be a problem for you.
    I always prepare the sprouts for Christamas. and comming from Lancashire we always have mushy peas, strange I know but for my family it would not be Christmas without them.
    All of are family are with us for Christmas, the first time for 10 years so we are really looking forward to it. Sprouts and all.

  5. Johnny – I’m afraid you’re a Scotsman, then…

    Sounds like you’re heading for a lovely Christmas. Have a good one.

  6. They both came to do the prize-giving at the James Watt College in Greenock this year and I have to say, despite my feeling the same way you that you do about them, they were actually very good and made the whole thing much more of a celebration than normal. Mind you they got £4k for their troubles so they should have been bloody good. I think we have the wrong agent Tom.

  7. billy

    Hey dude, these guys have taken over the media in Canada and US. They a have a chat show called Home Heist on Slice and I read today that they start filming a reality series in America next October so theyve done ok, eh? I actually thought they were English so Im no use!
    Theyre great fun over here and add a whole loads of sparkle to our screens. My wife wont go out when they are on TV!!!

  8. alice

    Theyre frickin’ AWESOME! You’d be insane not to love these guys”! Make my Mom and my sisters week each time they are on! Collin and Justin rock! Alice Trent xxxoooxoxooooxoooxx

  9. fuzzbal

    Good evening. Feel I should weigh in here. These gents are so lovely to watch and to be honest they are the only peeps on Home and Gardens me and my wife both enjoy. Great TV we reckon, and always entertaining!

  10. gamaray

    Dear all, youd probably love the Home Heist book I think too, I used it to reference my kitchen update before I put my condo on the market and the advice was inspired, to say the least. Their guidance showed how to make my kitchen look like Id spent $10K when I only spent $400 or $500. And now the condo is under offer!
    Colin and Justin seem high impact but their work is faultless,
    Very best wishes Gary M

  11. choice words

    Theyre the best designers on the TV according to my wife who must be obeyed and I guess I agree. Mixing fun and design is what Mrs Me seems to love about them. Besides, she met them at a Home Show and said they were cool gentlemen.

  12. helen haggerty

    Dear blog, loving Colin and Justin like I aint never loved TV designers and travelling half way across Canada to see them at their Lowes book signing for their Home Heist book this Sunday! Im taking them hand knitted sweaters as pressies!!!!!!!! SO excited. Will let you know how they are though I’m sure they’ll be super nice guys!!!
    Helen xx

  13. sue

    I read about that too, its at Castlefield Lowes and Im taking my Mom and Sis. Its between 2 and 4 so Im going there at 2! I’ll be teh woman in the crazy corsage to rival Justins’s!!!!
    Sue and Jan

  14. div

    Well I LOVE these dudes!
    Div from Dav xx

  15. lorna Davies

    Howdie to everyone on here. What’s teh news on this hotel programme that Colin and justin are rumoured to be making? Any updates?
    Lozza xxxxxx

  16. marrion

    I heard that too in the paper last week but all I know is that they bought a hotel and that its to be the subject of their new show. Sounds interesting!!
    Loads of Love Marrion

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