Lock the doors – Nadine’s coming!

THIS is what Nadine Dorries MP said about Speaker Martin less than a week ago:

I am awash with disappointment as the reality dawned on me, that the coveted chair and the man to whom as Speaker I have always been loyal, is without honour.

One could be forgiven for assuming, therefore, that, having jumped on her party’s anti-Speaker bandwagon, she might support her party against the government at the first vote today.

Alas, it was not to be. My Commons snout tells me that she arrived in the chamber a bit too late and had the lobby door slammed ignominiously in her face as she attempted to vote. Tut, tut…

I am awash with disappointment as the reality dawned on me, that the well-known blogger and the woman to whom I have always been slightly critical, is without a watch.



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12 responses to “Lock the doors – Nadine’s coming!

  1. John

    It was tactical non-voting.
    Were there three others behind her?

  2. James

    Stop trying to cause mischief Tom.
    Having followed Nadine’s Blog since inception, whenever she has mentioned the Speaker on previous occasions it has always been positive or in defence of him.
    And, come to think of it, when you’ve been mentioned, she has never said a bad word against you.

  3. Andy

    That’s quite funny

  4. richard

    A phyrric victory for the Labour whips given that this has given the Libdems and Conservatives carte blanche to snub the inquiry and to paint Labour government as a bunch of fascists.

  5. Rapunzel

    Well, Tom, there’s one Christmas present solved.

  6. David

    It is quite a blow beneath the waist to point something like this out… I bet it happens to other MPs too sometimes… could be all sort of reasons behind it… plus the one vote wouldn’t have won the opposition the first vote to start with.

  7. In fact I had intended this as a humorous teasing of Nadine. It does happen all the time – nearly happened to me the week before last. I just thought it was funny given how strong and public a stance Nadine has taken on the issue of the Speaker.

  8. Rapunzel

    Plus the flowery language she used to express her feelings!

  9. Bedd Gelert

    Oh, Tom, Tom – This is no accident. She blusters and huffs and puffs and threatens to ‘blow your House down’, but Nadine is just a ‘paper tiger’ who can only dream of the heights of power and glory achieved by her hero and the towering intellect of American politics, er, who was it again ? Ah, yes, of course – Sarah Palin..

  10. richard

    It seems that there are a lot of rumours circulating that Gordon’s mole at the treasury was rewarded with a safe Labour seat and a cushy government job.

    This sounds like a case of ‘grooming’ to me. Where’s an anti-terrorist officer when you need one?

  11. WHS

    She is in the ayes on Hansard…

  12. No she’s not, I just checked. She made it for the second vote, but not the first.

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