Back from the palace

WE are back home after a very enjoyable evening.

Carolyn did not disappoint (depending on your point of view) and performed an appropriately restrained curtsy on being introduced to the Queen. And republican or not, she was a chuffed as I was when HM approached us later on for a chat.

What did we talk about? Well, that’s between the monarch and me.



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10 responses to “Back from the palace

  1. Actually, no. “The monarch and I had a chat about Fathers 4 Justice” would be correct, but in the context of my original sentence, “the monarch and me” is correct.

  2. Republican my arse. You’re as true to the old Labour song as you can get!

    “The working class can kiss my arse,
    I’ve got the foreman’s job at last”

    You should be taken outside and shot etc…

    Other than that, glad you had a nice time! 😛

  3. I never said I was a republican; I said Carolyn was.

  4. Ah, indeed you did. Mea culpa. I was reading something else at the time and ended up skimming your post. That will teach me to try and multitask in future!

  5. Andrew F

    Yes, you’re very into the privilliges of MPs at the moment, aren’t you? Our Speaker! Our meeting with the Queen!

  6. Rapunzel

    I just know you were talking about the demise of Woolies and the Pic “n Mix problem. I happen to know that Her Majesty is a big fan of Dolly Mixtures and Philip loves cola bottles. I’m right, aren’t I?

  7. Johnny Norfolk

    So who would she have as president then that would do the job better than the Queen ?

    I wish The Queen had more power. I would trust her far more than any of our current Labour government leaders.

  8. My prediction is that Her Majesty is an avid reader of the blog and wanted to quiz you on the upcoming version 4.0 😉

  9. James

    I have just read Nadine’s account of the evening.
    Much more illuminating than yours Tom.
    And she didn’t keep the conversation with Her Maj a state secret, unlike yours truly. 🙂

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