Spot the real ‘Dave’

THE picture on ther left shows Do-Nothing quaffing champagne with David Ross, the former Carphone Warehouse founder who was forced to resign after failing to declare the use of his shares as backing against personal loans.

The picture on the right shows Do-Nothing shopping at Woolies and being an all round, normal bloke. What a coincidence the national media happened to be passing just as he reached the checkout…


But which one shows the real Dave, do you think? And which is the picture he would like to be most widely used in future? Go on, have a guess…



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15 responses to “Spot the real ‘Dave’

  1. Chris' Wills

    Just guessing, but don’t your masters like to pretend that they feel our pain whilst flying 1st class and staying in 5 star hotels at our expense.

    Even your goodself likes to pretend to be just an average fella whilst milking us for 100,000s on your expenses and I suspect you haven’t travelled cattle on a plane or a train recently.

    Their is something about beams and eyes….

  2. Point Scoring

    This is pathetic. Are you telling us that Labour and LibDem politicians don’t associate with the wealthy? Mandelson was on Deripaska’s yacht, I believe.

    This time it’s Labour’s turn for some point scoring but if you expect the public to see it as anything more than that, you have a more patronising attitude to your voters than I thought.

  3. davidc

    is david ross a friend of, what’s his name, you know him, the chap who forgot to mention an existing loan when he applied for a mortgage or of the woman who, inspite of (or maybe because of) being a solicitor, neglected to read a mortgage application before signing ?

  4. James

    Quick Tom, get your camera. Boris is admitting today, in his Telegraph article that he goes shopping in Woolies and I bet he has drunk champers at some point in his career. There may even be a photo of him drinking it next to Mandleson (the one who also failed to declare a loan).

  5. jaymason

    from a man with over 28 thousand pounds of incidental expenses in 2006-7

  6. V8RLZ

    The quality of your blog has nosedived recently Tom, and this post proves it.

    You’ve gone from being a fair minded and only-slightly-partisan blogger that doubtless attracts a wide range of politicos (i.e. Tories like me) to some sort of disabled attack dog who can only parrot the useless rubbish his “dear leader” comes out with. Stop reading Labour Party press releases and then making it look like you’ve come up with it.

    I hope to see a return to your usual blogging soon.

  7. davidc

    i can only agree with V8RLZ

  8. “The quality of your blog has nosedived recently Tom, and this post proves it.”

    Oh the drama. Tom’s always done this from time to time, and his blog’s as entertaining as ever.

    Although what does make me chuckle is that whenever Labour MP’s say things like this, the entire Labour Party front bench twitches nervously, lest it be known that they have far more in common with their caviar muching Tory counterparts than they would like.

    Never more was this hilariously apparant than during that Scottish Labour MP’s question in PMQ’s. “Would the Prime Minister agree with me that the rich kids (the Tories) just don’t get it?”

    The entire Labour Party front bench started twiching nervously, hoping the question, “Which rich kids would those be? The Labour Party front bench or the Tories?” never came!

  9. Jay

    Enjoy your champagne at the reception at Buck House, Tom

  10. richard

    It does seem a touch hypocritical to post this and then follow it up with another post about your upcoming trip to Buck house to hobnob with the hoi polloi.

    Perhaps pointing out that the Daily Mail may well have ruined christmas for his children might soften your heart…

  11. ani

    @V8RLZ – Tom covers an assortment of topics that may not suit us all, but this is essentially a Labour blog, and is bound to reflect that (as in this case Dave shopping with press attendance – remember his holiday/huskies/hoodies – he has form) and during discussions he will respond back, unlike some bloggers who just post and disappear.

    And the thing is, I’m on record here for criticising Tom too – but for publishing extremely spiteful personal comments that had been directed at him, which I thought were inexcusable and in my opinion should have been removed.
    In fact, there are those who may be ungracious enough to consider him a bit of a whipping boy for some here, but as readers know, nice or nasty, stupid or clever, he takes all those comments on the chin, and mostly with good humour.

    Can I look forward to you repeating similar criticisms to ConHome, CoffeeHouse, and Dale, where any comment other than that of parroting their own party line, is smartly challenged with hisses of troll, verbal bullying and squeals of rage, and to remind you that the very essence of CH is ‘firm but unfair’
    ‘…attack dog’ That’s a joke? You haven’t heard of, or contribute to Fawkes then?

    Read Tory blogs and weep before you have the audacity to come here and complain.
    In future I shall be scouring those blogs with extra interest, looking for your distinct name, and your suggestion that they should be even handed in their articles. Ha!

  12. And you’re about to go off and have “a swift sherry” with the Queen. What’s your point?

    All politicians go to parties attended and hosted by the rich and influential. And oddly enough they tend to have a habit of smiling for the camera.

  13. Pendolino Warrior

    Methinks Mr Ross will be quite happy spending more time at home with his wife.

  14. Rapunzel

    Well, CCHQ is obviously in difficulties, as they have had to shed staff, the Conservative party appears to be losing members/donations, (all those out of work bankers), so maybe Dave has to economise this year and do his Christmas shopping at Woolies. I can offer loads of advice on how to have a low cost Christmas if he needs it.

  15. Johnny Norfolk

    Tom this sort of thing makes you look very childish. It playground talk.

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