To the palace

CAROLYN and I are about to head off to Buck House to have a swift sherry with HM.

(I know, I know: first class travel, millions of pounds claimed in expenses, an on-site gym, subsidised food and drink, more nubile slave girls than you can shake a stick at and now an invitation to the palace! MPs have never had it so good; they should be taken out and shot instead, etc, etc…)

I’m not sure how often these events occur – the last time I attended was in 2002. I expect Carolyn will want to acquit herself with more dignity this time. 

Basically, what happens is this: you  mill around having a drink with a couple of hundred of your colleagues, then line up to meet HM and Prince Philip. Then after the formal introductions, various senior members of the household – last time that included the Queen, Prince Philip and Princess Anne – mingle with the guests. All very informal and relaxed.

Actually, now that I remember it, last time got off to a bad start. Carolyn and I shared a taxi from the Commons to the palace with Tory MP, Andrew Rosindell, famous at the time for his affection for his (very British) bulldog. At a loss for a topic of discussion, I asked: “So how’s the dog, Andrew?”

“He died.”


I seem to remember the short taxi journey taking rather a long time after that.


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8 responses to “To the palace

  1. You should be taken outside and shot instead etc…

    Otherwise, I hope you enjoy yourself. Have fun!

  2. Chris' Wills

    Rememebr no talking politics or religion :o)

  3. Stu

    I hope we’ll see side-by-side picture comparisons of you gladhanding with the royals and you doing a bit of shopping on the weekend.

    The we can guess who the ‘real’ Tom Harris is – since surely it couldn’t possibly be both

    Have fun at the Palace!

  4. Damn! The Devil’s Whore isn’t on again until tomorrow so I can’t make an analogy between your hob-nobing and the Levellers etc. Can you post something about it tomorrow, late?!

    Have fun.

    (And what about this Tory paperwork which appeared on your keyboard when the office was locked? Eh?)

  5. ani

    Not quite sure about ‘hob nobing’
    Doesn’t look quite right somehow…

    When the red red robin goes hop….Noooo
    Now look what you’ve done – I’ve completely lost it (shut up)

    And what about that paperwork then.
    Anything exciting to report?

  6. wrinkled weasel

    Now what?

  7. Johnny Norfolk

    I am sure they do this to try and show how things should be done. So take your note book and try to improve yourself.

  8. JamesF

    Sorry to hear about Andrew’s dog.

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