Amphibians of the world, unite!

I’M LOOKING for votes again. This time it’s the Government Toady of the Year award, organised by Iain Dale.

I think I’ve earned it, don’t you?


A toad yesterday



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9 responses to “Amphibians of the world, unite!

  1. John

    So you want to be Toady of the year.
    Very appropriate then that Do-Nothing refers to you as Dolittle Labour.

  2. Chris' Wills

    You’ve got my vote :o)

  3. Zorro

    I think Kerry’s probably worse tbh. But good try!

  4. Will Stobart

    You’re in no way the worst and won’t get my vote. Sorry.

  5. Andrew F

    Do you have a crush on Dale?

  6. We’re just good friends, honest.

  7. Rosie B

    Any backbencher that asks a planted question in PMQ’s. Half and Hour per week opposition parties and backbench MP’s get to hold the Govt to account and a good half of it is taken up with

    “will my right honourabe friend agree with me that my constituenty is long overdue a visit from your eminence, perhaps you can inform my constituents whilst here how great everything you have ever done is”

    type questions.

    Ive never met Tom but my instinct is he would tell them to go swing if they asked him to do it

  8. wrinkled weasel

    You have at least three nominations so far, and one of those is from me. But it’s a large field. Don’t raise your hopes, someone could win by a brown nose.

  9. ani

    Planted questions and the PM never answers questions is de rigueur whining for oppositions – like – it never happened under that nice Major and Thatcher? Dream on.
    Have a search through pre Labour Hansard, I’d bet my Christmas dinner it’s bursting at the seams with sycophancy

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