Greatest Christmas hits of the last 2000 years: No. 15

One More Sleep ‘Till Christmas – Kermit the Frog

NO, SERIOUSLY, this is great – charming, funny and festive – and all the better for being lifted from one of the best ever Christmas movies, The Muppet Christmas Carol which, incidentally, is also one of the best adaptations of the Dickens novel I’ve seen (apart from the singing frogs and acrobatic rats, which I concede were not as central to the original story).



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5 responses to “Greatest Christmas hits of the last 2000 years: No. 15

  1. Nigel Harris

    Sorry Tom, but you’re seriously off-beam this time! As great as the Muppets were (especially the one whose mouth could be zipped….) the greatest adaptation of CD’s Christmas Carol HAS to be the black and white version (subsequently electronically coloured in the days before today’s whizz-bang effects) starring the late, great Alistair Simm. As for Christmas records, well it just ain’t festive till you’ve heard Slade…….is it?!

    “Does your granny always tell you, that the old songs were the best, as she’s up and rock and rolling with the rest……?”

    (altogether now…)

    “and here it is……”

    Happy Christmas one and all.

  2. No, no, no. Tom – you are seriously wrong here. Surely the Muppets Christmas Carol merits much higher inclusion in the list. Top five at least. But you are right about the film being one of the best adaptations of the story.

    As for Nigel – “There goes Mr Humbug, there goes Mr Grim.” (Or is that a little too much Muppets knowledge?)

  3. Chris' Wills

    Another excellent selection

  4. Blackacre

    Tom, when are you getting onto the selections that pre-date the 20th Century in your selection of the best for 200 years? I am interested to see what was the greatest Christmas hit of the early middle ages.

  5. Blackacre

    I meant 2000 years in that last post of course – just spotted as I pressed submit.

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