We all make mistakes

The Week

SEEMS I’m not the only one who spent the first half of “Greengate” misspelling Damian’s name. They better not let Iain Dale see this – he gets very angry at this sort of thing.



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5 responses to “We all make mistakes

  1. richard

    Luckily their distribution is less than 100K in the UK so almost no-one’s actually going to see their stupidity.

  2. I’ve tried to wind Mr D up by “forgetting” the other i in his given name (calling it a given name might also produce results) de temps en temps.

    Trouble is he writes as though he’s so wound up most of the time that it’s hard to tell if any irritation attempt has succeeded…

  3. Tacitus

    Tom, you’re wrong. Gordon Brown doesn’t make mistakes. Ever. I thought you would have known that by now.

  4. Ooh dear. Some sub editor is going to get a whooping.

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