A slip of the tongue

ALTHOUGH absent from the Commons during yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions, I can understand the hyperventilating and hysteria that followed Gordon’s “I saved the world” slip of the tongue.

And no-one believes it was anything other than a slip of the tongue. All this nonsense about it revealing GB’s real thoughts is infantile twaddle.

And let’s face it – now and again, all senior politicians inadvertently say things they don’t mean: didn’t David Cameron say recently that he was a supporter of the NHS? (Boom, boom! I’m here all week – try the veal…)

Meanwhile, check out the front page of the new issue of Total Politics magazine, due out next week. Top shelf material, from the look of the cover.




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17 responses to “A slip of the tongue

  1. Cropstar

    We’d be inclined to believe you if the Labour party hadn’t gone around in the previous weeks pushing this “Gordon saves the world” narrative. It was funny because it touched a nerve from the endless spinning of Gordon leading the way.

    He was on LBC earlier, apparently nobody disagrees with Gordon’s plans. Tell that to the Germans.

  2. Chris' Wills

    I can hardly believe what I read Tom, your Dear Leader made a mistake. Say it isn’t so.

    I prefer to believe that he touch Wonder Womans lasso of truth, luckily for Harperson the wielder of the lasso is imune to its powers.

    Oh yes, you might remind Harperson that the Joker is Batman’s bete noir not Superman’s.

    If people must indulge in attempting humour (Broon as Superman) they should at least get the characters correct.

    One would think she had no cultural knowledge.

  3. Andy

    Spot on Cropstar, and as for total politics, hey, she’s never looked better ..

  4. Madasafish

    Within the next 24 months, when we have to recapitalise our banks again, due to further and so far undisclosed losses.. I believe no-one will be suggesting Gordon Brown has saved anything.

  5. Andy

    Tom there is a very level headed argumenet here


    Perhaps you could read and put your views up against it?

  6. It wasn’t Labour who pushed that narative, it came from Nobel economist Paul Krugman back in October: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/13/opinion/13krugman.html

  7. Donkey Kong

    I feel sick after looking at that cover.

  8. He certainly has saved the world and I defy anyone to dispute it.

    {Woolworths staff, Honda engineers, MFI kitchen fitters, JP magsons reps,Wincanton staff and drivers,JCB workers, Laing homes builders, Nationwide estate agents,Pub Landlords,Hbos office and counter staff, Northern Rock and Bradford and Bingley stakeholders or anyone remotely connected with the Guardians headline of August “Number of firms in administration jumps 60%”} are not invited to respond to the save the world statement.

  9. I take your point, Bill – it’s comforting to know that if we had a Tory government today, the UK would, uniquely, have escaped the economic downturn and every one of the businesses you listed would have been unaffected. If only Gordon had listened to Dave’s advice to… er, what was it again? Oh, yes, that’s right – do bugger all.

  10. Will Stobart

    Well, Tom, perhaps he could have listened to some of the advice he got before the economic crisis became so apparent, so that we could have been better prepared. 😉

    On the topic of that cover, I’m surprised at HH. Wouldn’t she object to herself being portrayed in this way? I’m sure that this in some way constitutes mysogenistic behaviour under her definition.

  11. Yes, its a small step from the ‘UK’ or ‘UK Economy’ to ‘the World’. Particularly if you still have a pre-1921 mindset where the Sun never set upon the British Empire. But you may resume your mindless pro-Brown, pro-Keynesian rhetoric now. Spend the money of our grandchildren. Carry on.

  12. Andrew F

    Twaddle, indeed. So, imagine my annoyance at the fact that you constantly link to twaddle-composer-in-chief, Iain Dale.

    I actually think the Tories came out of that gaffe looking worse than Brown, though.

    It called for them to make one sarcastic remark and then move on to the important business with laughter. The way they howled with laughter (and evem tried to spin it!) just made them seem petty and vitriolic. They don’t look ready for government at moments like that.

  13. King John

    Tom – now I’m not one who would usually leap to defend Cameron – but I take some issue with your gag(?) about Cameron not believing in the NHS.
    Given the situation with his disabled son, and the treatment that child has had from the NHS, one cannot help but conclude that Cameron very much does believe in the NHS.
    Pathetic little digs like that in your post, show you in a particularly bad light.

  14. Sorry, Your Majesty, but I don’t believe for a second that anyone who came up with the idea of the Patient’s Passport – a device for draining billions of pounds out of the NHS and into the private health care system – can be described as a supporter of the NHS.

  15. GH

    We would not have escaped the downturn with a Tory government, but would a Tory government have sold off our gold reserves at base value? Would a Tory government have borrowed heavily during the good times as opposed to saving money for a rainy day (like Australia, for example)? Would a Tory government have raided so many peoples’ pensions? Sure, this downturn is unavoidable, but Brown’s irresponsibility has made it a lot worse, and I’d rather do nothing than plunge us yet further into debt so that it will take several generations to put it right. You really must think the public are stupid.

  16. Tacitus


    Won’t happen. Mr Harris never answers uncomfortable questions. But hey, you might get a snide or snappy reply. so chin up eh?

    My Q for Tom

    Who said

    “A weak currency is a sign of a weak economy, which is the sign of a weak government”

  17. Tacitus

    a device for draining billions of pounds out of the NHS and into the private health care system

    You mean the disastrous and ever more costly NHS Spine “IT” system, yes?

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