And that’s all the thanks I get?

SOME people are so ungrateful!

You may remember how my best laid plans to buy Carolyn the gift of a lifetime foundered on the rather technical obstacle that she didn’t want it. Stuck for an alternative, fate lent a hand when our washing machine packed in and had to be replaced. So I forked out for a new one, delivered this morning.

Serendipity, quoth I to the Beloved. Not only have I shelled out for a brand new white good, but it’s arrived ages befor the Blessed Day, so consider it an early Christmas present!

Two observations:

(1) Women are unexpectedly ungrateful for kindnesses done to them at this time of year; and

(2) The sofa is not the most comfortable place in the house to sleep.



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12 responses to “And that’s all the thanks I get?

  1. Will Stobart

    Comedy genius. Your talents are wasted in parliament.

  2. Bob Jones

    Well, at least you learn from your mistakes and recognize that blogging about it is the best way to a woman’s heart.

  3. ani

    Sharp intake of breath.

    Tom, you didn’t know then, that if there’s one thing that (most) women hate for a special gift, (ie Christmas, birthday, Mothers day) it’s a piece of common or garden equipment for the home?

    Unfortunately you’re in double whammy territory, in that you’ve given her for a Christmas gift, a replacement machine that you/she would have bought out of the family budget anyway!

    Also, there’s the possibility that she might have preferred to choose her own machine – and be perfectly capable of organising it herself? Just a thought.

    Consider yourself lucky if your ‘fate’ is to spend a night on the sofa.
    In similar circumstances, my other half would be sobbing on ours.

  4. carolyn

    ani – thank you for your words of support, but really, there is no need to worry. Tom meant this post as a joke, to make me laugh. And, even though when we met it took me a couple of years to re-educate him properly, he always buys me really lovely presents – none of which are ever housework related! And when I say lovely presents, I mean apart from the Wii Fit. Obviously.

  5. John

    Tom, as it’s near Christmas can we have at least one blog that doesn’t contain any SPIN? 🙂

  6. Johnny Norfolk

    Tom I did not know you are now blogging under the name of ‘carolyn’.

  7. John

    Such a rookie mistake. Gifts for the home, or gifts that help her to do housework NEVER count.

    On the other hand Power Tools for you ALWAYS count.

    It doesn’t make sense, but did it ever?

  8. ani

    Hi Carolyn – well that’s a relief, and I have to say that it did cross my mind how odd it was for such a clever chap to have dropped such an obvious clanger – and be fessing up to it!

    Glad that’s sorted then – and it only took two years for you to re-educate him, you say? Respect!

  9. Rapunzel

    So, it’s the designer handbag/jewels/week at a health farm/weekend in Venice still to look forward to?

    Interesting that Tom knows how uncomfortable the sofa is!

    That could be his present sorted.

  10. Strange creatures, women — I try to avoid them, myself.

    One Christmas, my mother bought my father two ties. He wore one of them on Christmas morning. My mother said to him: “What’s wrong with the other one?”

  11. Brit_in_Aussie

    My suggestion: a new comfortable couch, big enough to sleep on in comfort. And a packet of new Marigolds for the wife.

    Yes, I’m an incorrigible romantic.

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