It’s good to TOC*

I’VE BEEN having something of a contretemps with those nice people over at Railway Eye. I know I should just let it go, but let’s face it: you can take the boy out of the government, but…

Anyway, their latest wheeze is an online poll:

Railway Eye

I refuse to dignify this sham of democracy by taking part. However, if you decide to do so, that’s another matter.

Quite amusing, all the same.


* Railway joke



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3 responses to “It’s good to TOC*

  1. Chris' Wills

    It seems you can vote on that poll as many times as you wish; always a problem with online polls.

  2. Andrew F

    Okay, that seems poorly phrased. I’m guessing you ask whether the government intervenes too much or not enough… just the once. Therefore, my answer would, “just the right amount”.

    Bloody illiterates.

  3. Stu

    Maybe the railways would be in better shape if the Labour Party had kept their promise to re-nationalise the railways, instead we have had 11 years of fudges and botches, and what have we ended up with, the operating companies are still raking in £millions of profits off the back of the tax payer and the long suffering passenger. And we still have a railway system that ordinary people have difficulty in being able to afford to use. What a wasted opportunity

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