Revealed: Shadow Cabinet rift

HAS Dave fallen out with one of his Shadow Cabinet members?

The picture carried in today’s Daily Mail seems to suggest this is so. In fact, so desperately did Dave want to avoid talking to Shadow Chief Secretary Philip Hammond during a Tube journey yesterday, he even pretended to read a copy of The Guardian!


But perhaps he’s standing because there weren’t any spare seats near Hammond? Fair enough assumption. Ah, but lookie here…


Now, if one were the cynical type (which I’m not, obviously), one might conclude that in fact Dave was simply posing for photographers and felt more comfortable standing. But surely he wouldn’t – nay, couldn’t –  be so calculating?

Last week we had the “hey guys – I’m just the same as you, yeah?” picture of Dave shopping in Woolies. Now we have him on the Tube dutifully ignoring a colleague (well, okay, I concede it’s normal to ignore members of the Shadow Cabinet in public). So what’s next in Dave’s Grand Photographic Tour of Normality – a picture of him and Sam doing a car boot sale?

Who’d be surprised?


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20 responses to “Revealed: Shadow Cabinet rift

  1. Wouldn’t catch Cameron hopping on a bus, I’m sure.

  2. CC

    Last time David Cameron was pictured on public transport, he was reading On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan. That was in April 2007. In September 2007 he said in an interview with the Sunday Times that On Chesil Beach was part of his summer reading. It’s a short book, but he’s evidently a very slow reader.

  3. Chris' Wills

    Not very safety conscious, he could fall on and hurt someone if the train had to break suddenly.

  4. ani

    It’s alleged (CCHQ?) that the more the public see of Dave, the more their ratings rise, so a conference call or picture per day for the next month is imminent, and
    it’s ‘Hug a Single Mummy’ tomorrow.

    I don’t think we’ll be seeing them at boot sales; a security nightmare and too cold, but ‘Cooking with Cameron’ on Christmas day is an option.

  5. Rapunzel

    Shopping at Aldi, queuing in the Post Office, eating fish and chips on the front at Llandudno, taking the car through a car wash, going to the bingo, opening the door to a pizza delivery boy, sneaking a quick fag outside the CCHQ, getting “ratted” on a Friday night in Notting Hill, being in the audience at the Jeremy Kyle Show, fighting for an aisle seat on a Ryanair flight to Benidorm, buying a celebrity perfume for his wife, reading “Hello”, going to watch West Ham play, logging onto “And another thing……”

    Plenty of votes in that lot, I should have thought.

  6. John

    I see that Iain Dale has some better photos of your leader concentrating 100% on the economy, as he promised.

  7. Rapunzel

    Ani: ‘Cooking with Cameron’ on Christmas day is an option.

    I always enjoy your posts, but this had me feeling unbelievably queasy! Rant warning.


    Thank you. Rant over.
    Latest ICM poll is interesting. It has:

    Conservative: 38% (-7)
    Labour: 33% (+3)
    Lib Dems: 19% (+1)
    Other: 10% (+2)

    Maybe those photos aren’t doing the trick after all!

  8. Andy

    Stop being so childish Tom .. like there’s no way labour politicians have ever setup a photo opportunity .. jeez, Brown does it all the time – witness the recent afghanistan trip. Stop taking us ordinary folk for fools – we see right through you.

  9. Johnny Norfolk

    Ah Tom I see the child in you has returned. When did Brown last travel by tube ?.

  10. richard

    He was probably asked by the photographers to stand and look nonchalant but I’m sure you’ve never posed for a photo op before… J’accuse!

    I think the bigger issue is why “call me Dave”‘s signature is worth 4 times as much as Gordon’s…

  11. ani

    Rapunzel. I return the compliment. :0) and your 6:10 was priceless. Loved it.

    In fact, loved it a whole lot more than any of Tom’s music choices so far, which btw, would be useful if listed, so that scrolling back to remind myself if I’ve liked any of them – don’t think so – would be useful.

    Tom, time’s getting short, any danger of a powerful, heart stirring, eye blinking, throat clearing, angelic voice singing something spectacular like … well, you know…’O Holy Night’ for instance, or even something similar, but not ‘Amazing Grace’ or ‘Mull of Kintyre’ obviously.
    No complaints about bagpipes I hasten to add, it’s that they’ve a tendency to drone – on, and on.
    Not that I’m hinting at all – your blog, your choice – absolutely.

    Or will we be damned with that wild grey haired old chap, Noddy Holder.

  12. Hmmm, I’ve never seen Labour leaders/cabinet members maipulating circumstances to look good in a photo opportunity.

    This is the kind of petty stuff people really get turned off politics by in this country. By all means, rip into Cameron’s policies (or lack thereof) or some meaningful news story of the day, but don’t deconstruct the meaning of him standing 10 feet away from some guy he works with. No one in the real world cares about that. Of course, this is a personal blog and it’s up to you what you write about, but I was expecting a little more on the issues of the day and the insight into the political life of a member of parliament. Sadly, with this kind of post, it seems the punch and judy show of PMQ’s is a 24/7 kind of thing.

    P.S- Is anyone going to post that picture of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown (both salt of the Earth Labour men) sharing a couple of ice creams during some election campaign, even though we’re all aware they’re not particularly friendly, and wanted to look somewhat ‘normal’ (whatever that is). I guess that would be a bit silly and petty really…

  13. Rory

    Tom, I hope you didn’t fall in the barrel as you were scraping the bottom of it.

    Is that the best you can do?

    And you forgot to call him ‘do-nothing’. Or has it dawned on you yet that this was a particularly ineffective insult?

    More worrying though was the “hey guys – I’m just the same as you, yeah?” bit. You’re beginning to sound a bit like the oddly idiotic Sion Simon which hopefully horrifies you.

    Still… a great blog though. Achieves what it should.

    PS Is the no.1 Christmas song ‘What’ll we get for ‘er indoors’ by Dennis Waterman and George Cole per chance?

  14. ani

    Ooooer. Looks like a sense of humour malfunction here, with the exception of the excellent Rapunzel and my good self, who are just having a bit of a (justified) larf at Cam’s expense.

    Wake up you people.
    At least it’s all lighthearted banter, and none of the real unpleasant jibing we read on every Tory blog. You know what I mean, the personal and vicious sick making name calling of both GB and the party? Still, tough on you that you don’t like it.
    If sycophancy is your preference, there’s plenty of that to be found on Tory blogs, if you’d be more comfortable there.

    In the meantime Kennedy121, if you look back you’ll find more serious articles here, with good input and interest to all of us.
    And as for the ice-cream – come off it, that was taken during an election campaign, when all the MP’s and party leaders are dogged by the press and ham it up a bit.
    And when you are PM, travelling the world and meeting heads of state and VIP’s, the world and his wife are snapping you. It’s in the contract.

    This Cammers picture was a set up, like the hoodies and huskies, and that’s the difference, and the public know it.

  15. To be fair, Johnny – if Brown travelled by Tube, you’d be whinging that he filled up a whole carriage with his security detail…

  16. Dave H.

    A glance out of the last carriage would see Cameron’s private train following with his papers.

  17. “Politician agrees to have photograph taken shocker.”

  18. This kind of photography works. The danger is that it will peak too soon – as a PR tool – and begin to look staged. Like a pastiche of social documentary photography.

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