Theresa’s Heathrow policy doesn’t even convince her own party

theresaWHILE staying perfectly sober and respectable at all times, I spent part of this evening at a party in the vicinity of the Palace of Westminster and fell into some disreputable company – specifically a prominent and respected Tory MP.

Taking advantage of the “lobby terms” that prevail at such events, I asked him what he and his colleagues thought of the Shadow Transport Secretary, Theresa Villiers’ crazy bonkers plan to block a third runway at Heathrow if the Tories win the next election.

He sighed deeply and said: “Theresa was Shadow Chief Secretary, and then she was Shadow Transport Secretary. We have a saying in the parliamentary party: no third Villiers.”

Maybe so, but it still doesn’t explain why Do-Nothing embraced her “policy” so whole-heartedly at Tory Party conference this year.



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12 responses to “Theresa’s Heathrow policy doesn’t even convince her own party

  1. wrinkled weasel

    If I believed you were merely a Labour Toady who regularly cuts and pastes the ZNL news grid into his blog, I would be laughing my socks off now at a blatant attempt by the spinmeisters to deflect attention from the likely resignation of a Cabinet Minister over runway 3.

    Mandy is very much in favour, Hilary is not amused and neither is Ed.

    Much as I appreciate her Totty value, in the scheme of things Ms Villiers is small stuff.

    But you are not just a cybernetic New Labour construct, so I await your views on Mr Benn’s opinions.

  2. Johnny Norfolk

    Dont worry Tom I am sure the 3rd runway will be built, after all we live under the Brown Terror, If the great leader wants it then we shall have it.

    Have you ever driven to Heathrow, just imagine what it will be like after more expansion.

    We need a different solution.

  3. Stu

    Tom you are all for freedom of choice (or you say you are!), how about the right of those who want to stay in their homes that would would be flattened with the rest of their village if the third runway gets the green light.
    Maybe just maybe if politicians such as yourself started listening to ordinary people as opposed to being in the pockets of big business, then politicians wouldn’t viewed with as much contempt by the public, who incidentally employ every MP

  4. Steve

    “doesn’t even convince her own party”

    errr, did you forget your policy doesn’t even convince your own cabinet, let alone your own party.

    Still maybe it should go ahead, having had the pleasure of Mrs Chelsea Flat as my MP, nothing would be better than seeing her entering the job center to sign on. Not that she would know where it is of course.

  5. Johnny Norfolk

    This blog is totaly paid for by Tom.
    Who is paid out of public funds, so this blog is paid out of public funds, once removed.

  6. Rapunzel

    Tom’s Christmas presents to his wife and family are totally paid for by Tom, who is paid out of public funds, so Tom’s Christmas presents to his wife and family are paid for out of public funds! (Once removed).

    So, we demand transparency, accountability, value for money, a review of the whole purchasing process, including how the spending was put out to tender, and whether there was any conflict of interest.

    Paperwork in triplicate, if you please!

  7. richard

    Rapunzel, I’d be willing to bet that Tom charges his laptop in his office at the House of Commons; ergo publicly funded electricity has been used in the production of this party-political blog.

    I will be writing to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards later today…

  8. wrinkled weasel

    And yet again, as if by magic, Tom has trodden in the poo of fate and the kebab sick of destiny.

    People with brains sometimes disagree with the parties they broadly support. Villiers is one of them….

    Jim McGovern is another.

  9. Johnny Norfolk

    What you should have said Tom is this.

    This website is paid for by Tom Harris and administered privately in his capacity as an individual.

    It covers all points in your last blog.

  10. Truth is, Johnny, this site doesn’t cost me a penny because it’s a free site provided by those excellent people over at And another thing… V 4.0, however, will have a cost attached, and I will consider your advice at that point.

  11. Chris' Wills

    Whoever pays for your blog it is worth it, even if at the moment it is simply your time rather than actual cash, IMHO.

    I do hope that the 3rd runway is approved soon, allow the construction companies to start putting together their bids.

    Be interesting to see if anyone resigns on principle when the 3rd Runway is approved.

  12. Not so “crazy bonkers” if you happen to live near it and under the flight path (I do), but then again maybe the noise has driven us all insane?

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