An apology

IN THE nine months since I started this blog, I may, inadvertently, have given the impression that I was attempting to provide some sort of objective analysis of the political situation in the UK. 

This confusion probably arose due to the fact that, on some rare occasions, I have had nice things to say about some Conservative politicians and. even more rarely, expressed some reservations about government policy.

This seems to have led to a number of my Tory visitors being disappointed when I attempt, however ineffectually, to criticise Do-Nothing (oops! There I go again…) and his party.

So it might be helpful to everyone if I just clarify something: this is a Labour Party-supporting blog. That does not mean that I post stuff at the behest of Labour HQ – I don’t (all the views expressed here are mine and if the Labour Party wishes to agree with any of them, that’s fine).

Nevertheless, I am a Labour Party member and have been for 24 years. I am a Labour MP. I want Labour to win, not only the next general election, but every general election we ever fight. I want to defeat the Conservative Party; more than that, I want to reduce the Conservative Party to an ineffectual rump because I think they deserve it. I will do anything and everything I can to help Labour win and help the Tories lose.

This isn’t supposed to be a “fair and impartial” political blog. It’s a Labour blog and my aim has always been to make it “a bit funny and quite interesting” That’s my mission statement.

So, once again: apologies if I gave you reason to believe otherwise.

UPDATE at 1.24 pm: I wouldn’t normally publish this kind of comment, because it’s is intentionally offensive to everyone who voted Labour at the last three elections, but I’m highlighting it so that visitors – including, I hope, journalists – will see for themselves what the Tory Party really think about those voters whose support it needs in order to win the next election. “Richard” has been a regular commenter since the very beginning of this blog, and I tend to publish his comments because I feel a bit sorry for him (the lad clearly has “issues”). Nevertheless, I guess this view isn’t a million miles away from the view of CCHQ:

Bizarrely there seem to be very few Labour supporters on this blog. Presumably they’re all too busy collecting their hard-earned benefit cheques to write in…

Beautiful people, beautiful sentiments.



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25 responses to “An apology

  1. Labourboy

    How on earth could anyone think that a blog by a Labour MP would be anything other than Labour-supporting?

  2. Rapunzel

    The problem is, Tom, that many who post on sites such as Conservative Home or Coffee House, regularly say that anyone who supports the Labour party must be stupid, ignorant, a donkey, or the sort of person who puts ketchup on their roast dinner.

    Since you obviously don’t fit into the first three categories, and may wish to advise us on the fourth, Tory supporters probably feel that you are simply misguided, and they can, by constantly heckling you, change your mind!

    So, why don’t you just come clean now and admit that you are, in fact, a closet Tory?

    Go on, you know it makes sense!

  3. richard

    Well, if we wanted to read a pro-Labour mouthpiece’s blog we’d just head over to Andrew Marr’s webpage…

    I think that the posts that upset people the most are where your attacks are hypocritical or just plain stoopid.

  4. Rory

    What a strange post.

    I think we get the fact that you are a Labour MP and therefore a keen supporter of the party. That’s why I read it!

    I can only assume from this that you’d prefer people that support other parties to avoid your blog or not post comments that disagree with you as that seems to be your major gripe.

    I would’ve thought that you would be happy to own a blog that attracts a readership and comments from across the political spectrum but obviously not. Odd.

    After all, there is no point preaching to the converted is there?

    But I get your point Tom. I’ll try not to comment if I disagree with you in future. Or should I avoid your blog entirely?

    In any case, apology accepted.

  5. richard

    Bizarrely there seem to be very few Labour supporters on this blog. Presumably they’re all too busy collecting their hard-earned benefit cheques to write in…

  6. Will Stobart

    Us Tories appreciate a well written and witty blog. 🙂

    The problem is that your blogs are at their least witty whenever you start giving us the party line.

  7. It’s the only Labour blog I read. I accept it as a Labour blog. A bit strange you wanting to deafeat the Tories, since they are hardly a problem up here in Scotland. Does Thatcher really get under your skin after all these years?

    Still, I know what you mean if she does. Hell will freeze over before I ever vote Labour again. Tony Blair and Iraq ensured that most of you will have to die (of natural causes) before I vote Labour, and since my children will be paying for the catastrophic destruction of the economy by Gordon Brown, I dare say they aren’t that keen either.

    Still, it’s a good blog, because you are funny, eclectic and far more honest about the way you feel than most, even if you are totally deluded about the Labour Party.

    I think you are a true, old fashioned Socialist who believes in giving every single child a good start in life, who believes in free health care and basic provision for the poor, who believes in keeping the peace and who believes in the workers who are proud to support a Socialist agenda. You are also not a fan of daft, politically expedient perversions of common sense, the kind New Labour are so fond of.

    The SNP would give you a warm welcome Tom.

  8. ani

    Bizarrely there seem to be many Tory supporters to this blog, and one wonders how they find the time to comment to websites, as they relentlessly complain about working 24/7 to keep them-selves in the manner they’re accustomed to, and alone, bravely and desperately, keep this country afloat.
    (Round of applause)
    Reveal yourselves – Tory pensioners and expats.!

  9. Johnny Norfolk

    Its quite clear to me about you labour party support by what you say.I know it is difficult for you and your party, now that the wheels are comming of the Brown Terror era.
    Selling off the Post Office proving your last manifesto to be another lie must be difficult for your party,but with Tory support it will go ahead. There will be no split in your party there never is now.
    There is no need to explain yourself Tom we know where you are comming from, but at least we can talk to you, you do have some human qualities.

  10. Sam

    To be fair though I think we need to stop calling Cameron do-nothing and name him do-something-worse.

    Have you seen that Boris is implementing these failed policies in London?

  11. richard

    I feel truly honoured although I suspect that all 20 million benefit recipients won’t thank me for saying it…

  12. John

    “Bizarrely there seem to be very few Labour supporters on this blog. Presumably they’re all too busy collecting their hard-earned benefit cheques to write in…”

    Hahahaha! Oh dear oh dear. I’m going to hell for that.

    The reason that particular stereotype of Labour supporters persists is entirelly your own fault, although you continue to pathetically go to great lengths to blame the Tories for it.

    The reason? You place yourselves as a party for the lower classes, with the SOLE AIM of “sticking it to the man” (“the man” being anyone who has either a bigger house, better looking wife, or earns more than you do). It’s pathetic. Your politics are nothing more than the politics of envy.

    Examples? Tamsin Dunwoody in the Crewe and Nantwich By Election. “You can’t vote for ‘im, ‘e’s a toff. ‘e’s not one of us ‘is ‘e. I’m one of us. Stick it to the man! Vote for me!” Pathetic, and backfired enormously, as that kind of bigoted nonsense should.

    Next examples? The appalling behavour of your own MP’s. “Will the Prime Minister agree with me, that the spoilt rich kids just don’t get it” Ring any bells? Then there’s the pathetic chants of “He’s rich” when senior Tories speak to the house, as if having money is some kind of insult? That ring any bells either?

    I HATE the Labour party for that crap, and will never again vote for you if that’s where you want to be as a party. It’s a bigoted attitude that should be offensive to anyone with a brain. I was and am a strong supporter of Tony Blair though, because he was above all that nonsense and thankfully kept your mouths shut on that side of your politics, at least as far as the nation as a whole were concerned. You won the 1997, 2001, and 2005 election without it, but now Gordon’s in charge that ugly side of you has resurfaced. Pathetic and shameful.

    So the next time you are on the receiving end of a comment like that, remember that it is your lot that fuel it. You are a party of the benefit scroungers, the lowest of the working class, because that’s who you pander to, and that’s who you have so publically aligned yourselves with. Anyone who doesn’t fit into that catagory are all “toffs” and they can sod off eh?

    Under Tony Blair you were a party of the poor, the middle class, and even the rich. You publically had the aim of helping society’s weakest while allowing society’s strongest to thrive. It wasn’t one or the other, you had the aim of change, and of helping everyone. That’s what I and everyone else voted for in 1997, 2001 and 2005, and that’s what you’ve abandoned with Gordon Brown.

    Now it’s all “stick it to the man” “toff” “he’s rich” and the rest of the bigoted shameful bollocks. It’s a policy that will end your reign in government once and for all, and good riddens to you.

    Come back when Tony Blair’s New Labour resurfaces.

    Sorry Tom, I didn’t mean this to sound as hostile as it does but the Labour Party has really lost it’s way and it’s incredibly frustrating. Surely you can’t support what you’ve become? Not when you were so much more than this with Blair at the helm?

  13. Andy

    Tom, I really hope you have a think about what John said at 3.20pm. He hit the nail on the head with almost every point he made in his comment.

    With my background I should be a steadfast Tory – but I can’t stand the socially conservative faction of the party because it’s so abhorrent to everything I stand for. David Cameron has done his best to sideline this lot but it still rears its ugly head once in a while – I was cheering on Emily Thornberry et al. during the abortion debate earlier in the year.

    Under Tony Blair you knew, if you were a young City worker like me, that he wouldn’t go out of his way to screw you over. Gordon Brown screws me with a smile and this is the kind of thing that pushes me further and further away from the Labour party.

    A return to class war is not the answer, Tom. It’s really really not.

  14. All that sounds fair enough – it’s your blog, and you’ll play if you want to – but one of your points did make me sit up and respond:

    “…more than that, I want to reduce the Conservative Party to an ineffectual rump because I think they deserve it.”

    It’s the Opposition being an ineffectual rump that has led to some of the more spectacularly arsed-up decisions of the current Government. Absolute power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely – so far from rumps, we need an effective opposition to hold your feet to the fire. It might make you all think a little more *before* you troop through the lobbies at the Whips’ behest…

  15. Andy

    Yeah we know you’re politically a labour trogladite Tom, your apolitical posts are very entertaining hence I think your audience numbers.

    But as regards your political posts, make no mistake, we conservative minded commenters hate your views viscerally, will continue to tell you so and can’t wait to see your party back on the scrap heap where it belongs.

    So no apology needed – politically you are of course the equivalent of Baldrick’s trousers, but you’re good value otherwise

  16. Andrew F

    Sometimes it is hard to tell – and perhaps that’s what you should apologise for. I don’t know. But personally, I don’t read you for analysis and certainly not for particularly propaganda-value, so what do I care?

  17. ani

    Reading John’s outburst, I’d suggest he calms down, has a re-think, and goes back to the beginning of GB’s premiership of barely a year ago, when he was relentlessly, poisonously, personally and publically attacked, and perhaps reflecting on just who it was that had the “sole aim of sticking it to the man”
    Coming back to you now?
    Need to look it up?
    Hint. PMQ’s
    Hint. Cameron.
    And after many months of it, even his own supporters were urging him cut out the attack dog rhetoric because it was alienating the public.
    So, a few complaints about toff, unless you’re unusually sensitive, or are one, is hardly vindictive, and the expression ‘politics of envy’ is grossly exaggerated and worse than that, passé. Fact is Blair cared for those you call ‘benefit scroungers and the lowest of the working class’ which I take as code for single parents, in that years ago it was his own suggestion to take care of young babies and vulnerable young pregnant women, but the Tories and their supporting press labeled it Blair’s baby asbos. Strange how that idea looks to have some merit with hindsight, and he didn’t push the Educationx3, Sure Start and low classroom numbers to exclude the poor, you know?
    Stop ranting and be honest. TB just said it better, the top rate of tax is going up,
    you really just don’t ‘get’ Labour though you assert you voted for it, you’re wrong about GB, and only slightly right about TB.

  18. It’s perfectly rational for the Labour Party to impoverish people, because this increases their client base.

    How this squares up with Labour’s stated aim of improving people’s lives, I’m not sure.

  19. John


    Most (all) of your post is totally off topic and irrelevant to any point I made? Brown v Cameron? “Attack dog rhetoric”? “Toff” being hardly vindictive? The “politics of envy” being passé? How is that remotely relevant to Labour reverting to classist hyperbole in the absense of a moderate leader in Tony Blair? It’s not. Not at all.

    Although I did allow myself a chuckle at your attempt to manufacture a dig at single parents from my paragraph facetiously describing Labour’s crude attempts to ally themselves SOLEY with those on society’s lowest rung while regarding everyone else as “toffs” and as such “the enemy”. However invalid and amusing that comparision was, it really was scraping the barrel. Based on your previous comments, you can do better.

    My point was clear. In the absense of a moderate leader in Tony Blair Labour have reverted to type. Rather than the desire to promote change and help societies weakest while allowing the strongest to thrive that Blair advocated (yet not always practiced, granted), Labour have jumped into the trenches. They are now a party soley for the factory workers, for people on benefits, for people living on council estates, for the people struggling day to day. Anyone above that is now “a toff” worthy of dersion and a clear target.

    The message coming from Labour is clear. It’s the same message that Neil Kinnock peddled and that was unanimously rejected by the sensible majority. Do you remember the Sun headline for election day? “If Neil Kinnock wins, with the last person to leave Britain please turn out the lights”. Quite.

  20. Tom, I like to read blogs I disagree with; it’s more interesting and I hope I am open-minded enough to take on board new ideas if they make sense to me. I also enjoy posting comments if I think the blogger is writing bollocks. I will never be a Labour voter, I don’t believe a central plan will ever be as efficient as a free market.

  21. ani

    You complained about toff rhetoric since Brown. I pointed out how it we arrived at that situation, and your second paragraph is incomprehensible.
    Since GB came in virtually nothing has changed, so let’s cut to the chase.
    The only point you appear to be making is that you object to being called toff, and resent help being given to people less fortunate, which was something TB promoted and is continuing.

    “They are now a party soley for the factory workers, for people on benefits, for people living on council estates, for the people struggling day to day.”
    And always have been, but not solely, and I’m not aware of any policy change that has disadvantaged you, to the particular favour of others in the last twelve months.
    If there has, perhaps Tom will explain.

    “Anyone above that is now a ‘toff” worthy of dersion and a clear target”
    Pitiful hyperbole.
    Clear target for what? Help with up to £400,000 mortgages perhaps.
    And reducing the waiting time to obtain that help it if you lose your job?

    Do get some perspective. You’re just ranting about a silly bit of name calling and extrapolating it ridiculously. There are plenty of toffs, if you want to use that analogy, in the Labour party and they aren’t bothered, so why should you be?
    Consider yourself in good company, grow a sense of humour, and live with it.

  22. John

    “The only point you appear to be making is that you object to being called toff, and resent help being given to people less fortunate”

    Now i’m in a quandry. Either you can’t read, can’t understand what’s being said, or you are deliberately jumping to bizzare conclusions that are directly refuted by what I actually said. Sadly I think it’s the latter 😦

    One thing is clear though, you are a Labour Party member and a Gordon Brown supporter, and your aim here is to defend them both rather than to discuss anything. As such, continuing with this has just become as fruitless and messy as pissing into the wind, so i’m done with this nonsense.


  23. My! Can anyone else feel that sexual tension? Get a room, you two!

  24. ani

    Tom, I enjoy a joke as much as the next woman, but blow the comedy opera!Consider your hand slapped.

    Anyway, make yourself useful and explain to Mr. Humourless Hyperbole how GB in the last 12 months has done him down, cos I’m damned if I know.

    I’m relieved the ‘conversation’ is over, it’s been like banging my head against a wooden thesaurus.
    Grief! Talk about shades of Richard – in fact I’m wondering…..? HaHa

    No hard feelings though.
    Happy Christmas and Adios Mr.DoubleH

  25. blah

    John, you made assertions, didn’t back them up, were called out on them and ignore them. Not exactly great.

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