HERE’S something to file under “weird but true and not actually terribly interesting”: when I opened the Internet browser on my iPhone while in the Chamber today (allowed under the new rules, provided you don’t make a noise), I was prompted to choose an available wi-fi network.

But the only one avalable was “Starbucks”. Huh? There’s not a Starbucks for miles, unless a new, secret branch has opened downstairs in the ministerial corridor specially for Liam Byrne…



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4 responses to “Why-fi?

  1. Bob Jones

    I trust that as you leaked your Christmas song list, the MET anti-terror squad will be around to get you shortly!

  2. I can’t say I’d be suprised to hear that Westminster had been infected by Starbucks – but it’s more likely to be the result of a well-known bug in Windows XP that can cause it to rebroadcast the name of the last wireless network connected to in certain circumstances.

    So does this new rule open the way to live blogging and Twittering from the benches, or is the concession merely read-only?

  3. “So does this new rule open the way to live blogging…?”

    I’ve already done it. Douglas Carswell does it regularly, apparently.

  4. That’d work Tim, were it not an iPhone, therefore not running the buggy rubbish code one sees from a certain Redmond-based company.

    It’s likely that you were in between caching times; the iPhone caches wi-fi networks so that when the signal drops momentarily the networks don’t flicker. Obviously the last time you enabled wi-fi there was a Starbucks in the list. It simply hasn’t updated the cache.
    Give it a moment and it will. It’s a known bug in the code of a certain company from Cupertino.

    Either that or some silly bugger’s playing games and has sharing turned-on and named their network Starbucks…..

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