Greatest Christmas hits of the last 2000 years: No. 7

Driving Home For Christmas – Chris Rea

SOMETHING I’ve noticed about some of the best, and best known, Christmas songs is that, apart from the subject matter, they don’t actually sound at all Christmassy. And yet they still manage to evoke warm feelings from us every time they’re on the radio. This is a good example (another one will appear later in this countdown). If you don’t listen to the lyrics, there’s not much to suggest it’s a Christmas song at all – no sleigh bells or choirs, just Rea’s less-depressing-than-normal husky vocalising.

And some great lyrics: who else could manage to compare sitting in a traffic jam with looking at Christmas decorations (“I’ve got red lights all around”)?



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3 responses to “Greatest Christmas hits of the last 2000 years: No. 7

  1. Crag!

    When I played this one, my computer starting to make a strange grinding noise.
    On checking I realised it was the sound of the bottom of a barrel being scraped.
    Merry Christmas eveybody

  2. John

    Is that right that David Walliams is the favourite to become the next Dr. Who, Tom?

  3. David P

    Probably my most favourite festive jingle, but I think I’ll save my first listen of this year for the car.

    Merry Christmas.

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