Remember our troops this Christmas

THIS appropriately-timed movie was posted by Bootneck84 over at ARmy Rumour SErvice (ARRSE – ahem!).

It’s a simple reminder to us to think of all the British troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq this Christmas, and a prayer for their safe return to their families.

Enough said. Watch.



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3 responses to “Remember our troops this Christmas

  1. John

    Prayers are good, but to really support them how about badgering the MOD to stop using the useless deathtraps that are “Snatch Land Rovers”, and equip them properly?

    People’s son’s, daughter’s, husband’s and fathers are out there, and remembering that they are there and their sacrifice just isn’t enough.

    Heroes. Every one of them.

    While i’m at it, how about publicising The Sun’s forces penpal scheme Tom? More info is here:

    There has been many letters of thanks saying how people writing to them from back home has provided much needed morale in the field.

  2. Mr. Charlie

    Quite so.

    Neat move, however, to leave 400 troops there – for ever? Now there will be no inquiry for years eh?

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