Christmas greetin’

I’VE BEEN alerted by a parliamentary colleague to an internet forum on which, apparently, a particularly ill-mannered constituent of mine is bemoaning the fact that he received a Christmas card from me.

His greivance, inevitably, is that he resents me spending tax-payers’ money on such frivolities. If only he had bothered to check the facts before he switched on his computer; MPs do, indeed, receive an annual communications allowance for annual reports, newspaper advertising and such. But Christmas cards are expressly excluded, and members wishing to send them must do so at their own expense.

Which is what I do. Most feedback I receive from recipients at this time of year is generally positive – even from those who mistakenly believe they’re paid for through my expenses.

This happens every year. I wish it were possible to go through my mailing lists and weed out the easily-embittered. Alas, whatever the facts, if certain people want to be offended, there’s very little I or anyone else can do to prevent it.



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12 responses to “Christmas greetin’

  1. Tom – one of us is seeing double. This is posted twice.

  2. Thanks. The perils of using an iPhone to blog…

  3. richard

    I think that this just highlights that MP’s are paid too much if you’ve got money to burn sending xmas cards to random constituents….

  4. pr roger j clementine iii cbe

    I should point out on behalf of Tom for anyone who doesn’t know that ‘to greet’ means ‘to cry’.

  5. John

    Someone seriously complained because you sent them a christmas card? Jesus wept. Just how pathetic can someone be? Next year send him a dog turd through the post instead.

    Some people. *Shakes head*

  6. Iain Menzies

    The thing with christmas cards from Mps and the like that i dont get is why?

    gennerally you wont know the people that you are sending them to, but this might just be me being a little humbugish……wouldnt be the first time

    that being said….it is a nice we thing to just send someone a nice festive card, so long as its not a wintervale card….oh those things get my wick!

  7. Chris' Wills

    Oh well, that’s one name off your list for next year.

  8. ani

    Huh! You’d have done better to send your ‘friends’ here on this blog a card.
    We would have appreciated it.

    John’s (is that ‘my’ John?) remedy is wicked and it made me laugh – which we need to be doing as it’s nearly Christmas, and you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve almost roused myself out of the deep depression brought on by the latest droning music choice of yours, which I listened to all the way through out of respect for you, but Gawd, was I glad when it was over, and out of desperate necessity had to revive myself with a stiff drink!

    Btw. While you were browsing, did you notice that Mel Philips has picked up on “Cammers, the Guardian and the Train”?
    Hmm. Started something.

  9. Johnny Norfolk


    Take no notice. If you can’t send a Christmas card without the dogs of war being unleashed just what are we comming to.
    I have not recieved mine yet, but will keep looking.

  10. Jay

    Yes, Tom, further to Ani and Johnny Norfolk’s comments, can we expect an E-card any day soon…?

  11. Rapunzel

    You’ll not win on this one, Tom. For sure, if you don’t send the same old grump a card next year, that’ll just give him something else to moan about.

    Or the picture. Or the greeting. (as in Hail Fellow, well met) Or the first/second class stamp. Or the handwriting. Or the printed labels. Or the size.

    In fact, you’re probably doing the poor man a favour, if he’s so desperate for something to moan about. See it as an act of Christmas goodwill on your part.

  12. Tom, I for one appreciated your card. Thank you.

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