It’s nice to be wanted (or so I’m told)

THOSE who suspected that this blog was nothing more than a Labour put-up job, aimed purely at broadcasting the party line, can rest easy.

Because if this were simply a Labour HQ mouthpiece, surely I would have been invited to Derek Draper’s Labour  blogathon taking place tomorrow?

Alas, I only found out about this prestigious event by reading Iain Dale’s Diary. I discovered the names of those invited to participate by reading Guido. And I found out I was not the only snubbed Labour blogger by reading Chris Paul.

I texted a friend who is on the invitation list, and he texted back to apologise and to say that, although it wasn’t his gig, he would make sure I was invited to future events. I responded in an unseasonably huffy manner: “Don’t bother.”

After all, there is surely some value in not being seen as part of an official Labour-oriented blogging circle, and I don’t think I would take kindly to being “expected” to blog certain subjects if I wasn’t already planning to do so anyway.

Nevertheless, I feel the snub personally. Maybe, after the fake memo, the “Heaven knows we’re miserable now” fiasco and my X-Factor live thread, I’m not considered a “serious” blogger? Ah, who cares – I’ve got my latest Christmas hit to post, plus my favourite all-time James Bond movies to schedule for publication on Christmas Day.

But I’ll bet they’ll regret not having me there when they get to item four on tomorrow’s agenda: “Doctor Who, season four – parallels for Labour’s fourth term”.

So, Christmas quiz time: what’s the most likely reason for a line being put through my name when the list of invitees was being drawn up? Keep it clean, people… 


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15 responses to “It’s nice to be wanted (or so I’m told)

  1. John

    “So, Christmas quiz time: what’s the most likely reason for a line being put through my name when the list of invitees was being drawn up? Keep it clean, people…”

    Oh dear. This will not end well….

    Anyway, for my attempt, I have to blame it on that awful hat you wore while campaigning in Glenrothes. Well, that or the tie you wore the last time you asked a question in PMQ’s. With Derek Draper in charge, appearance is important Tom. Can’t have any scruffy looking wasters doing something as important as organising planted pro-Labour blog posts now can we?

  2. Is it possible that all the people who were invited had a 100% record of voting Labour in elections?

  3. Steve

    Tom – FYI you say this is tomorrow. But it was this morning.

  4. So your theory is my lack of time-keeping? Interesting…

  5. Oh FFS, never have so many words been written completely missing the mark.

    There’s people hacked off because they weren’t invited and making up all manner of reasons why that might be. There’s those who think it’s about controlling bloggers. There’s others who think it’s about telling bloggers what to write. Then there are those who have history with DD, or would rather concentrate on his history than what it is he is trying to do.

    But as I understand it, it’s about building bridges between independent bloggers and the Party. It’s about improving output and building traffic to promote Labour’s values. It’s about setting the agenda and not following the latest thing that Dale and Guido choose to write about.

    You and I weren’t invited from the start because DD doesn’t know which of the 500-odd Labour bloggers should have been invited. There’s no conspiracy to exclude anybody.

    Hell, six months ago it was “the Party won’t help you” and “they’re hostile to bloggers”, then when the Gen. Sec. starts a process to try to put a stop to such feelings, the first two meetings are leaked to the enemy, and those who weren’t invited get all sniffy! It’s hardly that it’s all some big secret after all, though it should have been, it’s been all over the Web for months:

  6. ani

    Pure jealousy Tom.
    They are jealous to bits, that’s why.
    You start – they follow, as in your exclusive of “Dave, The lefty press, and Public transport” and now the one and only Mel Philips has followed your lead, and also done an article on him!

    Well, I think she followed you, I didn’t exactly check the dates…

  7. It can only be because you’ve failed to exclude my frivolous comments. Serious times; humourless people isn’t it?

  8. Johnny Norfolk

    Tom. This is just what to expect from your party. You are well known have done well with your blog and they dont want to know. You also commune with the likes of people like me. ie anti Labour. You are far too free thinking and open for the likes of Draper & Co.
    This is the sort of narrow closed attitude that has done for Labour. Only they know best and it stinks.

  9. Civil

    It went out to the whole PLP Mailing list Tom. You want to blame your office, not DD for not being invited.

  10. Tacitus


    Who in their right mind would want anything to do with Draper in the first place?

  11. Rory

    Labour’s fourth term?? Who says they’ll get one?

    And you (as in Labour) accused the Conservatives of thinking the next election was in the bag!

  12. davidc

    judging by the list of invitees, better not to be included – ‘guilt by association’ (not a word to the home secretary or she will want to include this concept in forthcoming legislation)

  13. ani

    I don’t think this was an entirely serious article folks?

    Brian H – problem is, there’s not enough of your frivolous comments. I love ’em.

  14. Rapunzel

    Tom. Do you not read Tory blogs?

    Derek Draper and his gang are trolls.
    You are not a troll.

    So, you couldn’t go to the party!

    Get over it!

    from Little Billy Goat Gruff.

  15. Chris' Wills

    You probably weren’t invited because you have a reasonably succesful blog.

    It’s just jealousy on the organisers part.
    You have actually achieved what they say is very difficult and beyond their abilities

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