Geoff Hoon as dancing elf!

TRAIN Sardine is a website devoted entirely to talking down Britain’s railways. However, they have, on this occasion, come up with something that will bring Christmas cheer to us all: transport secretary Geoff Hoon, Richard Branson, Brian Souter of Stagecoach and Iain Coucher of Network Rail dressed as Christmas elves (the fifth one is, I think, Tim Shoveller of East Midlands Trains, but I could be wrong).

Ah bless..

Hat-tip to Railway Eye.


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5 responses to “Geoff Hoon as dancing elf!

  1. You can do yourself easily enough by going to and following the instructions

    Look forward to seeing who you choose.

    Must have a go myself…mmm which Tory Councillors round here are most elf-like ?

  2. John

    Ahh, the much loved Geoff Hoon! Guido’s followers, who over the last few weeks have run a disorganised yet successful campaign to replace a certain four letter “c word” with “Hoon” in Guido’s blog comments, will no doubt enjoy the video…… 😉

  3. Donkey Kong

    It’s good to see that your opinion of Geoff Hoon is just as unflattering as the one I hold.

  4. Nick the Greek

    ‘talking down the railways’ how very dare we, aren’t they shut until Boxing Day? absolutely pathetic

  5. Dave H.

    Like NtG just wrote, it’s superfluous to talk down a ‘service’ on the brink of a 58 hr shutdown. Mickey Mouse, Banana Republic etc.

    I suppose this isn’t a massive national scandal because a tenth rate joke of a rail network is what you’ve come to expect in Britain. A bit difficult to hang it entirely on your lot though.

    Merry Xmas BTW.

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