Greatest Christmas hits of the last 2000 years: No. 2

Happy Christmas (War Is Over) – John Lennon

THIS oh, so nearly made it to the coveted* Number 1 spot, because it is a tremendous song. Lennon’s murder on 8 December 1980 was the first celebrity death that I recall affecting me emotionally, all the more so when, barely a fortnight later at the Christmas Eve watchnight service, our local minister read out the words of this song in tribute.

Even Yoko’s tuneless caterwauling can’t spoil a near-perfect Christmas joy. And yes, it has kids and bells and all those clichés. But when I hear it, it takes me right back to childhood Christmases. And what more do you want from your Christmas hits than that?


* irony



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4 responses to “Greatest Christmas hits of the last 2000 years: No. 2

  1. John

    Oh dear God, does this mean that your No. 1 is Clff Richard?

  2. Have patience, my friend – all will be revealed at midnight tonight. Anyone else care to guess?

  3. Johnny Norfolk

    Tom we know what it is as I announced last week.

    Or if its not that ‘Red’ will be in the title.

    Personaly I am dreaming of a blue sorry is that now green Christmas.

  4. Auntie Flo'

    No, it can’t Cliff, John, Tom has excellent taste in music, that’s one reason I voted for him in the blogging poll, even though he ZZZZZzzzzed one of my posts.

    There’s only one song it can possibly be:

    Harry Belafonte: Mary’s Boy Child

    Merry Christmas, Tom and everyone.

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