Festive picture caption competition

TAKEN in the Strangers’ Bar just before the start of recess:


Note: Entries that include the word “trough” will be eliminated.


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22 responses to “Festive picture caption competition

  1. ‘You get all the dregs in here.’

  2. Letters From A Tory

    ‘Breaking News – Parliamentary barmen prepare an extra special Christmas present for Alistair Darling as thousands more pubs are forced to close’

  3. MPs force inquiry into claims that the House beer is as weak as David Cameron.

  4. Johnny Norfolk

    “I just can’t get used to these metric mesures.”

    “I rember the days when Gordon used to use a glass. Then that Tom Harris became a minister.”

  5. John

    Trough? Looks nothing like a trough? Looks like a bucket to me? *whistles* 😉

    As for my attempt?

    “Mr Harris, I know we said we’d serve you using your own glasses/steins, but don’t you think a bucket is a bit much? Even if it is Christmas….”

  6. Tacitus

    Is that where we pay for your cheap drinks? Or is that another bar? Good to see the Lords taking notice of the slating on cheap drinks offers at bars.

    Whoops – sorry! None of this applies to you lot does it? Same as the recession.

    Utter & total disconnect. No longer are our representatives our equals. They lord it over us, and enable all sorts of snotty little New Labour jobsworths to kick in our doors and fine us.

    The state .v. us. Let battle commence.

  7. Tacitus, I think you missed out “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

  8. ani

    1) Damn! If I can’t get 14 pints in here, he’ll deffo be gone by New Year.

    2) Talk about adding insult to injury – now this bloody thing won’t hold 14 pints

    3)Never mind him, my job’ll be on the line if I don’t get 14 pints in here!

  9. Satan's sibling

    Nicolas Soames takes full advantage of his driving ban!

  10. John

    ” I see Prescott’s only drinking halves tonight”

  11. John

    ” I asked for a PALE ale, not a PAIL of ale!!!”

  12. John

    Tom says “Taken in the Stranger’s Bar just before the start of recess”

    Surely you meant ” Taken in the Stranger’s Bar just before the start of the recess-ion”?

  13. Andrew F

    You greedy politicians all have you head in the manger.

  14. Rapunzel

    It’s all just a load of froth, if you ask me.

  15. ani

    Caption competitions, music choices, six blogs a day – phew! I’ve earned this.

  16. John

    Btw Tom, I take issue with your latest poll.

    How the hell can Santa be DOWN 3 on Christmas Eve?

    I’ll have another on-topic attempt btw:

    “William Hague’s 14 pints a night take a less than dignified turn….”

  17. Jay

    MPs’ public definition of a unit of alcohol = 1 small glass

    MPs’ private definition of a unit of alcohol = 1 large bucket

  18. Tacitus

    Ho Ho Ho. You haven’t seen what your boss has done to my pension.

  19. Mo Daniels

    “Damien Green in new leak scandal”


  20. Robert

    New Government rules one drink person

  21. Donkey Kong

    The bar attendant busily prepared a bucket with William Hague’s infamous 14 pints…

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