A name you’ll never forget

I’M GRATEFUL (no, really) to Nigel Harris (no relation) of Rail magazine, for unearthing this embarrassing cutting fom his 1998 archive.

I have to ask, though: who wrote the picture caption, Nigel?



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4 responses to “A name you’ll never forget

  1. Nigel Harris

    If you re-check my blog from December 26, you’ll see I have wolfed down an enormous portion of humble pie about this very thing! Talk about being tripped up by a typo ten years after the event. Be sure your literals will find you out. Right. I’ll get me coat…..

  2. Chris' Wills

    @ Nigel
    Hopefully Tom Morris accepted your apology.

  3. pr roger j clementine iii cbe


    Less ae the cheek, mon ami!

  4. Auntie Flo'

    Here’s a cutting – from Ian Dale’s site – that I envy you:

    Left of Centre Blog of the Year

    1. Tom Harris 20%
    2. Recess Monkey 13%
    3. Harry’s Place 9%

    Hold up you head, Tom Harris
    Hold up your head and sigh
    Hold up your head, Tom Harris
    Cos you’re the Left of Centre Blog Of the Year Guy!

    Well done and well deserved, Tom!

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