Relief and excitement

SO, THE eleventh Doctor will be played by Matt Smith.

Good choice, I think. Bit young, maybe? But there’s something old about him too. Weird enough to impress.

So, I can relax now. Well done, Grand Moff.



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12 responses to “Relief and excitement

  1. John

    MUCH too young. Although sadly that does seem to be the trend these days – young actors filling roles better suited to older people. BBC’s Robin Hood was a great example of that.

    I wanted an older more eccentric doctor, a la Tom Baker, or that guy who did the Christmas Special.

    Totally the wrong appointment. Doctor Who was a show that was designed for people of all ages, with the doctor being a somewhat eccentric yet authoritative character. What’s authoritative about Matt Smith? He’s too young to give off that vibe.

    Now it seems they have gone for the “teen” audience. Doctor Who certainly seems more of a Teen show with Matt Smith in the lead role.

    I’ll give it a chance as always, but I can’t see how he can be the Doctor. Disappointing 😦

  2. Rapunzel

    You know you’re getting old when Doctor Who starts to look young.

  3. Shane

    shocked at first but quite inspired choice in my opinion. he was great in Party Animals.

  4. And,of course, he’s a Labour supporter too. Bound to be a great success, don’t you think?

  5. Johnny Norfolk

    Are you sure its Dr Who and not Blue Peter or Harry Potter. Who is he ?

    Dr Who – My Early Life

    Will we meet his Mum & Dad when he kisses them goodnight.

  6. angryvoter

    I’m in two minds, I think Patterson Joseph would have been brilliant as The Doctor, but I haven’t seen enough of Matt Smith to truly pass judgment…

    We shall wait and seeeeeee~

  7. Diablo @ 12.36 am: What a strange, strange, tragic little world in which you live.

  8. Dave H.

    The Doctor should be an eccentric of course, but at first glance this guy looks foppish.

    I actually once met a man called Dr Wu. He travelled in space trying to sell industrial chemical intermediates. It never pays to meet your heroes.

  9. Johnny Norfolk

    Diablo comments are strange to you Tom but not to us. He is right the BBC is a totaly Labour supporting organisation. If you think not perhaps you could draw up a list of known BBC employed labour supporters vs. a Tory list.
    You can look how the BBC treated John Major whe he had far lees problems than we have today and compare how the BBC treats Brown.
    You have so many media people in your party and government it stinks. That why Labour hate the Tory blogs so much they tell the real truth.
    Not used to that are you.

  10. wrinkled weasel

    Well, since you brought it up I was disappointed by the Christmas “special”.

    Just to be a bit clever and educated for a moment, Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” has been criticised for having a villain whose character was thin enough to be described as “motiveless malignity”.

    Given the ridiculously high benchmark the Dr Who producers set for themselves, this villain shouldn’t have been an ordinary villain. Dervla should have been a Marks and Spencer villain and instead we got a Primark villain, with no proper back story, and no real motive for being rotten, save a two line reference to her scarlet past and an inexplicable tie-up with the Cybermen, which was never explained. Couple that with the gratuitous Dickens theme and you have a fairly lacklustre episode.

    Dr Who needs a break. If Mr Moffat can write such gems as “Blink” he is capable of anything and it will be brilliant.

    I am hoping for a return to form in 2010. It could be a new dawn; a new Who and a new Prime Minister, both who will do their bit in saving the world, I am sure.

    As for Luvvies for Labour – all actors are stupid. Just look what happens when they get on “This Week” or “Question Time”. Best they stick to remembering lines and not bumping into the scenery and leave politics to the educated and informed.

    Happy New Year Mr Harris.

  11. Johnny – please feel free to apply my previous comment to yourself… It’s a TV sci-fi programme for goodness sake, not a Labour Party conspiracy! Oh for crying out loud…

  12. Simon

    Talking of Doctor Who, I was watching the recent “Journeys End” episode and it occured to me that either Davros or Dalek Caan must have been based on Gordon Brown.

    One, a bitter and twisted character who was responsible for building a monster, but had long since lost control of his creation.

    The other driven mad by the “Time War”, (or being made to wait 10 years by Tony Blair), and taken to muttering predictions, none of which actually come true.

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