Congratulations, Tony

WHAT a pity I won’t be able to see for myself the violent expulsion of soggy muesli from the mouths of thousands of Guardian readers as they open their papers in the morning to see that Tony Blair is to be given America’s highest civilian award.

Well done, Tony – well deserved. The sensible parts of the country will be proud of you.



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23 responses to “Congratulations, Tony

  1. Alasdair

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’s getting the medal in recognition of his work for peace in Northern Ireland or (so far sadly a little less succesfully) in the Middle East, or his excellent work in many domestic arenas at home.
    No, alas, it looks like he’s getting given it for having supported, along with Howard, a war that whether it was illegal or immoral or not, was certainly idiotic…

    That said, I still hold out hope that in a couple of years time, after some months of quiet, back-room diplomacy, he’ll announce he’s beaten out a Good Friday-style agreement in the Middle East. THEN he’ll truly deserve his place in history.

  2. Auntie Flo'

    Many millions of us in Britain believe that the only award Blair should ever receive is a sentence handed down by the International Court for his war crimes.

  3. Yep, he’s the right guy getting the right award for the wrong reason.

    But Tony’s going to bring a Middle East deal home soon enough, they certainly seem further ahead than current headlines would suggest. I honestly think the man is a superhero.

  4. Billy Bunter

    Tony who? Oh him – the guy who is sorting out the problems in the Middle East. Yeah, I remember him

  5. Johnny Norfolk

    Well at least it was not as cold as this when he was PM.

    Just what is Brown going to about this freezing weather.

    Nothing as usual I suspect.

  6. bupendra bhakta

    A strange post, Mr Harris, because in my part of the country (which up until your post I had thought a sensible part of the country) Tony Blair is regarded as a vacuous himbo who left Gordon Bonkers to ruin the economy while he went granstanding around the globe to little (positive) effect.

    Of course, your partiality towards Tony Blair has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that he gave you your one and only cabinet position has it.

  7. Surely this award was made when he was Prime Minister for his role in standibg shoulder to shoulder with Bush against the axis of evil. But for some reason while PM (busy, busy) he never found time to collect the gong.

  8. If anyone wants a reminder of the man’s qualities they could do worse than listen to: – but it lasts for about a hundred times longer than an instant-answer-fan’s (or, alas, the average blog-commenter’s) attention span…

  9. Mmm, an award for uncritical support of Bush-Cheney and the neocon project for the New American Century. That’s something to be proud of. Not.

  10. Barney Waits

    A prize for shoving his head up George Bush’s arse. Marvellous! Lucky Tony.

  11. Richard

    Blair has now become a complete laughing-stock to any morally-intelligent, decent human being.

  12. Well written Tom. I KNEW there were still some Labour MPs with nous.

    With your commenter, Jeff, I agree to an extent. Blair is a superhero.

    As for the regurgitated muesli from the Cif-ers, what a lovely picture you’ve conjured up Tom.

    I have written about Mr Blair’s award here too.

    And I really AM a fan – no ifs, no buts. He’s the best.

    Perhaps I’ll close down my quaintly-named blog when the Labour party ‘learns to love’ Tony Blair. Well, miracles happen! They’re getting there with Mandelson, are they not?

  13. Mr. Charlie

    Thought everyone knew he was awarded this in 2003?

    Never mind. Only 5 or 6 years late, Tom. Well don tho’, catching up with everyone else.

    Seems like he won’t be going to collect it though. Wonder why? Brushes? Tar?

  14. Simon

    It’s a different award to the one he got in 2003. That was awarded by congress. This one by the president.

    I’m sure he greatfully recieve it on behalf of all the soldiers he has sent to their deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to all those people he lied to about the reasons for the war.

  15. Stewart – clean it up a bit and I’ll consider publishing. Or, if you want, I’ll edit it for you. This is a family website. A weird family, granted, but a family site nonetheless…

  16. John

    Hear Hear Tom! Tony Blair IS “New Labour”, and a man you could be proud to have as your PM.

    Please bring him back, for the love of God. No-one wanted Gormless Gordon. Not a sole.

    Well done Tony!

  17. No Charlie,

    As with so much you “clever” Cif-er types say about the great man – you have this wrong too.

    That was a different medal: The Congressional Gold Medal.

    Perhaps he’ll come home with both medals. If he bothers to come home at all, with fools like many here, who are so brainwashed as to the facts (against Blair) that he must feel at times like disowning Britain.

    Oh, you didn’t KNOW he feels anything, did you? I forgot that little “fact”.

    ‘In 2003 Blair was awarded America’s Congressional Gold Medal for his unwavering support for the war on terror and the Iraq war. Blair failed to pick up the award for fear “the ceremony would reinforce the prejudices of those convinced he was “some sort of poodle”, according to Sir David Manning, Britain’s Ambassador in Washington at the time.’

  18. Andrew F

    Hm. I have reluctant affection for TB. 1. Because he gave the Tories some well-deserved electoral kickings; and 2. Because he’s just a likeable kind of guy.

    But let’s not kid ourselves that he was a peace-maker.

  19. OK, Tom, here goes…

    I wonder if your sentiment is shared by the majority of the British people whose own freedom is being rationed.

    Or the people who have lost loved ones fighting against those evil Arabs with their weapons of mass destruction still to be unearthed one million dead people later.

    Or the people of Uzbekistan when they remember our Ambassador, Craig Murray, alerting the government to the regime’s torture and being told to shut up.

    Or the people tortured for confessions in Guantánamo and other US torture camps around the world.

    Or Walter Wolfgang.

  20. Alasdair

    Andrew – re: 2. I think he has a certain skill that way when he puts his mind to it. He did well in NI, and I still hold out hope for him doing well on that front in Israel/Palestine… Whether or not that will erase what even the most charitable would call the ‘blunder’ in Iraq I dont’ know, but still…

  21. Pendolino Warrior

    Tony Blair is supposed to be the Envoy for United Nations, the European Union, the United States and Russia.

    Where is he? On holiday or collecting gongs whilst hundreds die.

    so so unimpressed.

  22. To most of you:

    Iraq was the RIGHT thing to do. Blair was RIGHT, and even Bush was RIGHT.

    And to Stewart:

    I have felt NO rationing of MY freedoms since Blair came to power. NONE whatsoever. This is just Chakrabarti-land spew. Fairy-tale country. If any of your rights have REALLY been lost – I mean REALLY lost – you must have been very careless.

    The people who fight for our country have a clearer understanding of the global menaces facing us than you do. And the vast majority of them do NOT question the need to fight for our liberties. Real freedoms, not the Cif-ers imaginary (lost) ones.

    WMDs DID exist. Saddam used them against his own people. If he could have been tried twice, three or four times, we might have been reminded of it.

    Not that you’d have paid attention. Doesn’t fit your agenda.

    (A big sandy place Iraq – as is Syria – as is Iran, too, btw.)

    The number of dead is disputed but still largely at the hands of their own (or Iranian imported militants). Or don’t you ever notice that? They’re called “suicide bombers.” Not British soldiers.

    Guantánamo? Not our responsibility mate. Though I don’t believe Mr Blair ever siad he supported it. An “anomaly”.

    Some of us wonder if a few more anomalies like that might deter a few more suicide sign-ups.

    Walter Wolfgang?

    Poor old loudmouth … I mean … chap.

    But at least he got an apology from one of the most honest politicians YOU are likely to know.

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