Unsolicited support

Hmm… This gives me an idea.




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12 responses to “Unsolicited support

  1. wrinkled weasel

    Wifely support comes in many shades. My favourite is, “You look like a tit in that”, though, actually, the comment is more often than not reduced to a coy, yet piercing smirk.

  2. John

    Reply from 10 Drowning Street

    Dear Carolyn

    Thankyou for your recent begging letter.

    About your request for a wee jobbie for hubbie…

    Tom is a very decent, honest, caring and hardworking truthful Labour politician and unfortunately these are atributes for which I have no use for in my present government.

    If it’s any consolation, I myself will be looking for employment in a few months time.

    Your Humble Leader,


  3. davidc

    ‘Another Jacqui Supporter is a Labour Party Pen Friend

    Jacqui Smith must be really worried about losing her marginal seat. After her husband was exposed for writing letters of support (whilst being paid £40,000 by the taxpayer) it turns out that a Labour councillor who campaigns for Jacqui used her maiden name to write a letter to the press.

    Patricia Lailey, using her maiden name Hill, told how the politician sympathised during a recent bereavement.

    But Mrs Lailey didn’t mention she had been a Labour councillor for four years, and had worked with the MP on local issues.

    She lives in Redditch, Worcs — the marginal seat Ms Smith is fighting to keep at the next election.

    Mrs Lailey wrote in a national newspaper: “I recently lost my mum and Jacqui wrote a personal letter to me. She cares about us in Redditch.”

    It is all getting a bit like the dying days of Nicolae Ceauşescu’s Romania; only the party faithful, the nomenklatura, senior police officers, those on the welfare payroll, the state bureaucracy and state broadcaster support a government led by a leader increasingly out of touch with reality.’

    copied from guido f – such promotion seems to be catching although i think you are too honest tom
    to induge as i am sure the above letter is a hoax

  4. John

    Heh heh! :p

    I’d offer to write a letter of support on your behalf Tom, but i’m not sure i’m capable of writing a letter to Gordon Brown without including so much profanity that the page actually turns blue. Sorry 😦

  5. angryvoter

    And right now there is a frying pan with a Tom Harris shaped dent in it….

  6. Johnny Norfolk

    Regretably there is no room for normal people in government. You cannot go on Tom saying things how you see them if you want to get on. As far as publising letters from the likes of me, you should be grateful you have not been asked to leave the party.
    You must leasrn never to answer a question ( you have passed that one).
    You must do what the leadership tells you without question( failed on that one).

    Good to see you can still dream.

  7. Dave H.

    Dear Comrade Harrison,
    The individual your refer to was identified as a counter-revolutionary infiltrator and removed from office accordingly .

    Despite this warning, he continues to distribute irreverent, subversive propaganda via his blog.

    Nothing must be allowed to undermine collective preparations for the forthcoming Great Patriotic Election and the Troika is certain to declare him an Enemy of the People.

    The Party is therefore confident he will not be troubling you for much longer.

    All hail to Comrade Brown, the sublime strategist of all times, nations and financial rescue packages!

    (Utterly crap comment, worthy of the prize you just mentioned. I really should leave this to The Eye)

  8. Chris' Wills

    Much as I don’t despise you and do wish you a reasonably happy life, I much prefer to see you on the back benches.
    Why? You don’t ask.

    I’ll tell you anyway :o)

    1) You’ld be further damaged by associating with such fools and reprobates as presently inhabit the goverment. (The lucre isn’t worth your soul)
    2) You might bring some sense and sensibility to the goverment.

  9. Chris' Wills

    If you need a part time job to get you out from underfoot this one might appeal. Only pin money though.

  10. Rapunzel

    Dear Miss Harris,

    I also have never met Mr Tom Harris, MP, ex-Minister, Dr Who and X-Factor fan, blogger of choice for angry, right leaning, if somewhat confused and bewildered readers.

    But I have heard of him. He told us all to stop being so b****y miserable.

    I ask you! Reading the comments on his blog, not many have taken that particular piece of advice!

    If I were you, I should stay well out of it.

    This is a man who frequently lacks gravitas, and shows a lamentable sense of humour, when what we need is serious people for these serious times.

    This is a father who admits to disliking sprouts, thus failing to set an example to his oddly named children.

    This is an MP representing a Scottish constituency, thereby infuriating many English voters relevant to the “Lothian” debate. In fact, most of his readers seem to furious most of the time.

    If you wish to write helpful, anonymous letters, could you write one on behalf of my friend’s husband? He really, really wants everyone to like him, and to realise that he is just like them. He cycles to work and shopped at Woolies, and keeps promising to solve everybody’s problems. He just needs a chance!

    Go on, you know you want to help.

  11. pr roger j clementine iii cbe

    Tam, Tom, Tommy, Thomas, Tammy.


  12. Billy Bunter

    How about – unsolicited support for people going about their lawful business, only to be harassed by agents of the State?


    Photographers criminalised as police ‘abuse’ anti-terror laws

    Fury as stop-and-search powers are used to block and confiscate legal pictures

    By Jonathan Brown
    Tuesday, 6 January 2009
    The artist Reuben Powell was arrested and imprisoned for photographing an old government building


    The artist Reuben Powell was arrested and imprisoned for photographing an old government building

    Reuben Powell is an unlikely terrorist. A white, middle-aged, middle-class artist, he has been photographing and drawing life around the capital’s Elephant & Castle for 25 years.

    With a studio near the 1960s shopping centre at the heart of this area in south London, he is a familiar figure and is regularly seen snapping and sketching the people and buildings around his home – currently the site of Europe’s largest regeneration project. But to the police officers who arrested him last week his photographing of the old HMSO print works close to the local police station posed an unacceptable security risk.

    “The car skidded to a halt like something out of Starsky & Hutch and this officer jumped out very dramatically and said ‘what are you doing?’ I told him I was photographing the building and he said he was going to search me under the Anti-Terrorism Act,” he recalled.

    For Powell, this brush with the law resulted in five hours in a cell after police seized the lock-blade knife he uses to sharpen his pencils. His release only came after the intervention of the local MP, Simon Hughes, but not before he was handcuffed and his genetic material stored permanently on the DNA database.

    Tom? You approve of this behaviour by public servants, sorry, state servants?

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